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CEPT® technology is an excellent pre-treatment for creating higher yields and increased quality in beer.

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Beer is commonly prepared or brewed from malted barley via the fermentation of the wort (starch sugar) thereof. During the brewing process, the CEPT can be applied upstream for an enhanced fermentation through the release of more sugars/nitrogen and natural fragrances from the grains (and hops) and downstream wherein fermentative yeast as well as residual microorganisms can be deactivated without affecting the original taste.

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Fresh Beer is beer at its optimum state, typically holding its perfect flavor for about 3 weeks. Application of CEPT® prior to the fermentation can lead to an increased release of flavor-forming compounds (bitter tannins, hops to balance the sugary sweet malt) which in turn can lead to an extension of the fresh beer or ‘freshness’.

Interested in exploring what results could be achieved using CEPT® in the production of fresh beer?

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Increased yield and improved quality at Olio Conti (Video)

At Olio Conti in Valla Della Luciana in Campania, Southeastern Italy, they’ve been producing olive oil since 1842(!). Emilio Conti, quality manager at Frantoio Conti talks about how the oliveCEPT® affects their olive oil production, making olive oil with higher yield and better quality.


10 % increased extraction of EVOO yield, 50 % reduced extraction time at Agioi Apostoloi (Video)

Have a look inside one of Greece’s most modern olive oil mills where we set up an oliveCEPT to help boost their production – with great results!


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