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With our game-changing technology, we enable forward-leaning companies all around the globe to be as efficient as possible all while ensuring a sustainable, eco-friendly, and low-carbon footprint treatment. Oh – and you’ll never have to compromise quality over quantity again. The food and plant tech of the future is here now!


Our technology and machinery for the food and plant industry make a real impact both in terms of sustainability, quality, and efficiency. Our unique method and machines are for treating postharvest products like cut flowers and cuttings as well as food products like fruits and vegetables. Discover our products tailored for various commodities.

More olive oil at better quality

The oliveCEPT® deploys a pre-treatment to olive paste in extra virgin olive oil production (EVOO) that improves both the quality of the product and increases extracted EVOO yield.

Increase the amount of juice extracted

juiceCEPT® assists you in streamlining the extraction process when pressing fruit, berries, and vegetables.

Extended shelf life with minimal heat impact.

juiceCEPT+® is an application developed for the juice industry. Designed for increased durability of juice with minimal heat impact.

Brings out the best in dried products

dryCEPT® is an innovative technology that can be applied to fruits, vegetables and herbs, before the drying or dehydrating processes.

A revolutionizing technology for the flower industry

Prolong the lifetime of plant cuttings prior to planting with OptiBoost® for cuttings.

Boosts the freshness of flowers

Cut flowers that have been treated with the OptiBoost® technology gain several advantages. The most prominent one is that the life expectancy of the flowers is increased through the technology..

Application areas

Our systems easily plug into existing production lines with minimum downtime and intervention. A technology that is extremely energy efficient. Below you can explore the different areas in which our technology can be applied.

Food Oils

Significant improvement is achieved using CEPT® technology in food oils. With the oliveCEPT® system - results of great importance have been reached for numerous olive oil producers. Including increased yield, improved production efficiency, and enhanced quality.


The juiceCEPT® deploys technology for juice production that improves the yield, quality, and shelf-life of the extracted juice. The treatment is continuous and easy to retrofit into existing juice extraction lines.

Dairy and liquid eggs

Within the dairy industry, considerable improvements can be made in processing whey, cheese and milk, but also liquid eggs. Enabling a more efficient production.


Create a wine richer with valuable biocomponents such as aromas, colorants and taste and reduce the maceration time in vinification. Continuous flow process that can treat up flow from small scale production up to major industrial applications.

Plant-based Milk

With the CEPT® technology applied to your production of plant milk, a more streamlined process will be achieved. Decrease cost of production, increase shelf-life, and improve quality.


There are huge advantages of using CEPT compared with thermal processing when it comes to beer production. Increase both flavor and sensory factors and shelf-life.

A pulse – vital for efficient food processing

The use of CEPT® technology offers a wide range of benefits for the food industry –  both from an economical and sustainable viewpoint. Learn more about what impact it could have on your business.

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