Modernizing dairy processing with CEPT® technology

CEPT® technology shows excellent potential as a pre-treatment for dairy products such as milk, cheese and whey.

Dairy - a great source of nutrition

PEF  (pulsed electric fields) treatment has shown excellent promise as a method for improving the efficiency of dairy production

Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and whey thereof have provided (and still provides) nourishment to both babies and adults for generations upon generations.

Our CEPT® platform for dairy products is continuous (in-line) and can easily be inserted into an existing process line. The low-temperature treatment can enhance the valuable compounds found in dairy products. 

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Whey (protein) the residual material from cheese-making is rich in essential amino acids and loaded with microorganisms needed in the cheese-making process.

The CEPT® can be used optimally to decrease the microbial load without denaturing the amino acids.

The whey protein is often transformed into a nutrient-rich powder but not before the levels of pathogenic microorganisms are significantly reduced.

Conventional heat pasteurization cannot be optimally applied because of the risk of denaturing the vital amino acids (proteins). 

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Cheese produced from raw milk often has unique flavor and texture attributes that are unobtainable in cheeses from (heat) pasteurized milk.

However, cheeses made from pasteurized milk are widespread for public health reasons.

The non-thermal CEPT® method can be employed during cheese production instead of pasteurization while obtaining the same flavor and texture as raw milk.

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Milk has a rather short shelf span which is often extended by pasteurization (heat treatment). However, pasteurization often leads to the denaturing of certain proteins as well as the destruction of vitamins.

That is why there’s a need to replace or abandon conventional pasteurization owing to increasing consumer demand for foods that are natural in taste, nutrient-rich, and safe for consumption.

Pulsed electric fields (PEF), which is a non-thermal treatment, can be applied toward the destruction of microorganisms in milk. Hence extending the shelf span while maintaining the original taste (native forms of proteins or vitamins are maintained).

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Liquid egg is a protein and essential oil-rich product.  Gaining popularity all over the world because of its versatile nature and usage in various food formulations. The rather short shelf span and proteinous nature warrant the use of non-thermal treatment such as the CEPT® for the deactivation of microorganisms without negatively impacting the emulsifying properties, texture, and taste of the liquid eggs.

Interested in exploring what results could be achieved using PEF and the CEPT® technology in the production of liquid egg? 

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