More olive oil at better quality

Efficiency, maximum performance, and superior olive oil quality are improvements secured by oliveCEPT®. Upgrade your production line with the cutting-edge technology of oliveCEPT®!

oliveCEPT® – more olive oil at better quality

The oliveCEPT® deploys a pre-treatment to olive paste in extra virgin olive oil production (EVOO) that improves both the quality of the product and increases extracted EVOO yield.

The integration of oliveCEPT® in the initial stage of the process, right after the crusher, offers a number of advantages when it comes to extraction yield and quality of the final product and we have proven reliable results on these aspects.


oliveCEPT® effects

1 %
Up to 15 % increased EVOO yield
-1 %
Reduced extraction time
1 %
increase of quality compounds

25 • 25 – A new and revolutionizing quality standard of EVOO

With the 25•25 concept, we guarantee a processing temperature at no more than 25 degrees and a malaxation time of 25 minutes…

No negative effect on yield, no additives, low energy input.

Quality vs Quantity is not a dilemma anymore.

Efficiency, maximum performance, and superior olive oil quality are improvements secured by oliveCEPT®.

Upgrade your production line with the cutting-edge technology of oliveCEPT®!

Understand the Why, What, and How’s of the oliveCEPT® technology and what impact it could have on your olive oil production.

Including a detailed description of results from Greek olive oil producer One & Olive.

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Learn more - download the 25•25 guide and get an even more in-depth understanding of the technology

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+ 5 - 15 % Increased EVOO yielD

The oliveCEPT® offers increased extraction of 5% to 15% yield with the same amount of raw material.

Low energy consumption

The method is very energy efficient as it only consumes a few kW of power.


Increased quality in: taste, color and nutrition


Longer shelf life

Extended shelf-life could lead to large savings in production and in distribution.

Less organic waste

As more EVOO is extracted - less waste is produced to manage.

Cold quality extraction

No significant heating

download the oliveCEPT® product sheet

Download the product sheet for more detailed information on what benefits the oliveCEPT® system will have on your olive oil production. 

For small-scale, mid-sized and large olive oil producers


The new ‘mini’ oliveCEPT® unit is tailored for the small-scale, quality olive oil producer. Enabling all the benefits of industrial technology for small capacity mills.

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Suitable for mid-sized olive oil producers with a capacity of up to 2 T/H.

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The oliveCEPT unit for medium producers of olive oil with a capacity of up to 4 T/H.

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25⁰C processing temperature - 25 minutes malaxation time.

Learn how oliveCEPT® improved the organoleptic characteristics of the produced olive oil at Greek producer One & Olive without sacrificing production volume.

10 % increased extraction of EVOO yield, 50 % reduced extraction time at Agioi Apostoloi

Check out the video below to learn more about how the oliveCEPT® pre-treatment works.

The effects of oliveCEPT® at Oleificio Conti in Italy

Emilio Conti, quality manager at Frantoio Conti in Italy, talks about how the oliveCEPT® machine effects their olive oil production, making olive oil with higher yield and better quality

oliveCEPT® - Introduction

Understand how the oliveCEPT® works and how it fits into your existing production line. (NOTE: it is primary installed before malaxation).

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