How the juiceCEPT® technology works

Extraction or Extension? Extraordinary!

The juiceCEPT® can be applied for these main purposes:

With juiceCEPT® we improve extraction by micro-scale destruction of cell membranes. Boost cellular release of nutrients, enhancing quality substantially. Increase shelf-life by reducing and inactivating microorganisms like yeasts, molds, and bacteria. The machine and technology is easily retrofitted into the existing vegetable and/or fruit juice production process.

How the CEPT technology works

The basic principle of the technology is the application of short square wave pulses of high voltage that generate very high electric fields. Due to the short pulses of microsecond magnitude, excessive heating and undesirable electrolytic reactions are minimized.

The CEPT platform is a high voltage generator combined with treatment chambers. The technology is primarily used within food production to increase extraction and extend sustainability. CEPT is based on short-term high voltage pulses (PEF) which inhibits the cell membrane and kill unwanted microorganisms.


Biomass (cells) exposed to high voltage pulses, temporarily (electroporation) or permanently (electric lysis), destabilizes the lipid bilayer and proteins of the cell membranes. 

Generates electric fields and electric breakdown.

In basic terms: the electric pulses allows for more juice to be extracted without compromising it’s quality.

We’ve put together an extensive guide comparing other technologies common in the juice industry to clearly show the benefits of juiceCEPT®. Download the guide below, and you’re always welcome to book an introductory meeting with us!

The heat effect of the treatment is low and the heating of the juice is limited to only 1-3° Celsius.

The treatment is continuous and easy to retrofit into existing extraction lines. The technology is energy efficient and barely heat the product, which is otherwise detrimental to sensorial attributes like taste and color

The juiceCEPT® consists of a CEPT v6 PEF high-voltage generator and a cabinet with an optimized booster step. The equipment continuously monitors and logs pressure, temperature before and after the treatment as well as the product flow.

These sensors provide valuable information about the treatment process and allow complete quality assurance and process safety. With the flow sensor, the treatment is only enabled when there is an actual and enough flow through the system. The process connection is stainless steel, food-grade, dairy fittings. 

By its activity causing natural cells, ́ electroporation facilitates juice and nutrients extraction thus reducing enzymatic and holding time. Simply feeding the product by a positive pump and controlling the flow by a magnetic flowmeter.

The juiceCEPT® solution is scalable where an increased number of units will multiply the flow rate with the same number. The juiceCEPT® is operated via controlCEPT, a Siemens-based PLC system, which is prepared for customer-based digital start/stop signals or complete integration to end-users PLC-systems. 

The technology is energy efficient and barely heat the product, which is otherwise detrimental to sensorial attributes like taste and color

juiceCEPT® - How it works

in this video, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the feature and functions of juiceCEPT+. Have a look – we think you might be surprised at how easily it’s installed, how little space it demands and the fact that you do not need to choose to use glass, carton, or plastic – it works perfectly with all.

Extended shelf-life with nutrient values intact

Designed for increased durability with minimal heat impact. We have more than doubled the shelf life of freshly squeezed quality juices while maintaining freshness and fruitiness.

The main benefits of applying the technology of juiceCEPT+® are, firstly –  an increase in shelf-life by up to 21 days using minimal heat impact that does not damage color, taste and nutritional values. Second, maintained quality in taste, color and nutritional values of bottled juices due to the cold process treatment of juiceCEPT+®.

21-21 - Commercial concept for juiceCEPT+

We offer a very simple yet powerful commercial offers for juice producers looking to extend the shelf-life of high-quality juices. We call it 21-21. Meaning, we guarantee a 21-day shelf-life for only 0,21 Euro per treated liter. Learn more about the concept, let’s meet up!

More juice at better quality

Improve extraction by micro-scale destruction of cell membranes of the mashed raw material like fruits, berries, and vegetables. Boost cellular release of minerals, vitamins, colors compounds, and other micronutrients enhancing quality substantially.

Commercial concept for juiceCEPTx

For the juiceCEPTx® application for increased extraction and improved quality we also offer a very beneficial business model. 

Increase juice yield extraction, depending on commodity and production facilities. The price for this is only 0,025 cents per treated kilo, simple! No upfront investment. Pay per treatment.

Another plus...+ + x = Extended shelf-life AND increased extraction

Treatment of juice with CEPT® technology will keep the temperature below 40°C, and still, achieve food safety, keeps the nutrient content, the natural freshness.

The two methods can also be combined by installing two separate units and treating the juice in two steps during processing.

Other technologies for juice production - CEPT vs. HPP

The needs and requests of customers have changed throughout the last decadesone of them beinglonger shelf-lifeDifferent processes have been established throughout the years to extend the shelf-life of different food products 

HPP and CEPT® may have the same purpose and some producers may actually benefit from HPP rather than CEPT®. However, there are several advantages that only CEPT® can provide by opening up the cell membranes. A couple of differences should be taken into account when comparing these technologies.

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