Enhance food oil production with CEPT® technology

CEPT® technology is an excellent pre-treatment for creating higher yields and increased quality in food oils such as olive oil and avocado oil.

Greeting the future market demand today

Today consumers are more conscious than ever and the next generation will be even more aware of the importance of climate control, origin, and the identity of food oils.

To be competitive now, and in the future – your food oil needs to meet the standard – and with CEPT® you’ll be better equipped than ever.

Pulsed electric field (PEF) treatment is a non-thermal technology used for improving the stability and shelf life of food oils

Read more on how CEPT® can be applied to food oils below. 

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The application of CEPT on olive oil not only releases more oil out of each olive, but it will also increase the amount of quality increasing compounds such as polyphenols, vitamins, and antioxidants found in the oil. 

Releasing more oil also means reduced food waste – both a sustainability issue and indeed a matter of cost. with less waste – less effort is needed to manage large volumes of organic waste.

The process of production can be significantly reduced (in some cases up to 50 %!)

Today OptiCept has several oliveCEPT® units deployed around the world. Olive oil producers wishing to increase yield, improve quality, and create a more efficient production have realized the many benefits of using CEPT®. 


Extra Virgin cold-pressed avocado oil is considered to be very healthy and its consumption is increasing considerably in many parts of the world.

It is high in monounsaturated fats and vitamin E and also enhances the absorption of carotenoids and other nutrients.

Extracting high-quality oil from ripe avocados is based on a mechanical extraction process, which in many ways resembles the extraction of olive oil, with the exception of additional steps to remove the peel and core from the avocado.

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