Board & Management

Board & Management

The Board is the company’s highest administrative body nominated during the Annual General Meeting. OptiCept’s board work is governed by applicable laws and recommendations, as well as by the board’s rules of procedure, which are established annually. The rules of procedure contain, among other things, rules for the division of work between the Board and the CEO, financial reporting and auditing issues.

The instructions for the CEO regulate customary areas such as his commitments to the company and the board, including responsibility for and tasks concerning ongoing delivery to the board of appropriate reports that are relevant to the fulfillment of the board’s assessment task concerning the company. The CEO shall ensure that ongoing planning, including business plans and budgets, is prepared and submitted to the Board for the Board’s decisions.

Ulf Hagman

Chairman of the board

Ulf Hagman has an education in both agricultural and business economics. He has more than 30 years of experience holding various positions within the flower, fruit, and vegetable industries. From 2002-2006 Ulf worked as director of finance at Euroflorist, which is Europes largest distributor of flowers. From 2016 till today he has worked as a management consultant as well as multiple board assignments. 

Michael Kester

Board member

Michael Kester recently retired from Syngenta Flowers. Michael had a long career within Syngenta where he started in 1979 at ICI Holland BV. He started his career in plant protection before developing towards marketing and sales. Michael Kester has been stationed at various geographical locations for Syngenta and has been active in multiple management positions to grow the business. His most recent position was as the global director of “flower seeds” and was a part of the group management. He has a B.SC. in horticulture and an MBA from NIMA. He is independent concerning the company management and to any major owners.

Elisabeth Yllfors

board member

Elisabeth Yllfors has been a member of the board at OptiFreeze since 2017. Yllfors manages a consultancy firm specialized in business development and management. Yllfors has board experience from the food industry and was previously Nordic Marketing Director and CEO at Findus. She also held management positions at Unilever and within Nestlé.

Petr Dejmek

Board member

Petr Dejmek has been a board member for OptiFreeze since 2015. Dr. Dejmek is professor emeritus at Lunds University, he’s an engineer and doctor of technology. He studied mechanical engineering in former Czechoslovakia, process engineering in Germany, and food technology in Sweden. Dr. Dejmek is the founding innovator and originator of the patented technology that was the foundation of OptiFreeze. Dr.Dejmek has experience in product development at Alfa Laval in Sweden and Denmark and has been a professor at Lunds University since 1989. He has published over 100 scientific reports. 

Erik Silfverberg

Board member

Born 1982, has previosly been a board member at ArcAroma. Erik Silfverberg is currently Development Manager at Husqvarna Construction Products. For almost ten years, Silfverberg has been CEO of Combine Control Systems AB, which is a consulting company in control technology and computer science (data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning). Silfverberg has also been a development engineer at Volvo Car Corporation. Silfverberg is active as an investor in technology-based startup companies, including Intelligent Implants Sweden AB and Nimpos Solutions AB. Erik Silfverberg has an engineering degree in Mechatronics from Chalmers University of Technology. Erik Silfverberg is independent in relation to the Company but dependent in relation to major owners in the Company.

Johan Möllerström


Born 1967, Möllerström was from January 2017, the managing director of ArcAroma. Johan has a master’s degree in economics from Lund University with a focus on financial theory. He has solid experience in international growth. For 11 years he was CEO of Malmberg Water AB and grew the business from a turnover of SEK 150 million to SEK 500 million, all growth came from the export market. Johan is a board member of both Noxon AB and Krinova Science Park in Kristianstad. Johan Möllerström, directly and indirectly, holds a total of 475 940 shares in the Company.

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