More from less

Getting the most out of each commodity is the most responsible and eco-friendly way of producing food. But it is also the most economical, and now – with OptiCept Technologies, it is also possible to deliver the highest of quality products to the consumers.

Dematerialization – the art of creating more from less

With a growing population, climate change, and pollutions – it’s clear for anyone that we need to change our ways.

OptiCept offers a solution that throughout history has shown to be a way forward. By being as efficient as possible, minimizing waste and energy.

By making products more durable and long-lasting. By improving quality – ensuring that we have healthy and nutritional alternatives on the table.

Improve performance, quality, and reduced waste – also means economic growth, learn how you can benefit in your food processing business with our game-changing technology.



Our technology and machinery for the food and plant industry make a real impact both in terms of sustainability, quality, and efficiency. Our unique method and machines are for treating postharvest products like cut flowers and cuttings as well as food products like fruits and vegetables. Discover our products tailored for various commodities.

Increase the amount of juice extracted

juiceCEPT® assists you in streamlining the extraction process when pressing fruit, berries, and vegetables.

Extended shelf life with minimal heat impact.

juiceCEPT+® is an application developed for the juice industry. Designed for increased durability with minimal heat impact.

More olive oil at better quality

The oliveCEPT® deploys a pre-treatment to olive paste in extra virgin olive oil production (EVOO) that improves both the quality of the product and increases extracted EVOO yield.

Brings out the best in dried products

dryCEPT® is an innovative technology that can be applied to fruits, vegetables, and herbs, before the drying or dehydrating processes.

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