More from less

Dematerialization – the art of creating more from less. OptiCept Technologies patented CEPT platform for treatment of food products is based on PEF (pulsed electric field) technology.

Improve food safety, quality, and shelf life, while also reducing energy and resource usage.

Streamlining food extraction processes

Our FoodTech solutions are based on a patented technology called CEPT (Controlled Environment Pulsed Electric Field Treatment).

Pulsed electric field (PEF) technology is a non-thermal food processing method that uses high-voltage, low-energy electric pulses to disrupt the cell membranes of the treated commodity.

PEF has several advantages in food processing over other sterilization technologies, such as heat pasteurization. It is faster, requires less energy, and can be more selective in killing microorganisms. PEF technology also preserves or enhances the original color, flavor, texture, and nutritional values.

The application is retrofitted into existing production lines. Where in the line to place it depends on the desired effect.

OptiCept has developed products tailored for specific commodities. Explore our products below and our development projects.

The CEPT is an inline application, as the substrate flows through the treatment chamber pulsed electric fields are applied

More olive oil at better quality

By integrating the PEF treatment in an olive oil production line we can achieve better efficiency, maximum performance, and superior olive oil quality.

More juice at better quality

Increase yield extraction and boost the quality of juices. juiceCEPT® assists you in streamlining the extraction process when pressing fruit, berries, and vegetables.

More juice at better quality

Extended shelf life with minimal heat impact, juiceCEPT+ is designed for increased durability with minimal heat impact.

Brings out the best in dried products

Reduced drying time and enhanced quality of the final dried product

For innovative winemakers

Create a wine more loaded of color and antocyanins and richer of phenolic compounds.

Our Applications

To celebrate this heritage and the significant power inhabited in our technology, we named our applications after the gods of Norse mythology. The CEPT® family includes IDUN, THOR, ODIN, and BALDER. Designed to manage multiple capacities.

The fully automated pre-treatment systems is operated via controlCEPT a Siemens-based PLC system that logs sensory data and other important information about the treatment. All systems are connected to the internet for remote support and data management.

An intelligent and user-friendly HMI can handle pre-programmed recipes tailored to fit the specific application. The system is prepared for customer-based start/ stop signals or complete integration to the parent PLC system. To start the system the pre-defined number of start signals needs to be active before operation is permitted. The safety mechanism included in the system is the main commander that will verify the electrical status of the high voltage generator units, and the proper temperature of the critical parts.



  • Size: 800x1200x2080 mm
  • Weight: 1050 kg oil machine + 200 kg chiller
  • Flow: 10 t/h
  • Energy Consumption: 22 kW, 32A at 400V AC three-phase
  • Pulse Power: 12 MW

BALDER is a complete system of modular design, built in stainless steel frame with product wetted parts in hygienic design all with food grade components. The system consists of the new powerful PEF generator – CEPT v7 supervised by controlCEPT and the booster unit module with all control and safety devises mounted on it including pressure and temperature sensors as well as flowmeter and conductivity indicators. The PEF generator module is cooled by an external chiller delivered with the BALDER.


  • Size: 800x1000x2000 mm
  • Weight: 500 kg
  • Flow: 6 t/h
  • Energy Consumption: 9,2 kW
  • Pulse Power: 9,6 MW

Consists of one CEPT® v6 PEF generator with controlCEPT® included, one booster unit cabinet with a mounted booster unit. Prior to the booster unit as well as after, are sensors mounted for pressure and temperature logging. This gives valuable information to the pretreatment process and adds safety with logging of pressure drop over the narrowing that is the booster unit. The sensors allow for control of operation to only be active when there is a flow in the system.


  • Size: 800x1000x2000 mm
  • Weight: 450 kg
  • Flow: 3 t/h
  • Energy Consumption: 5,2 kW
  • Pulse Power: 4,8 MW


  • Size: 800x1000x2000 mm
  • Weight: 420 kg
  • Flow: 1,5 t/h
  • Energy Consumption: 3,2 kW
  • Pulse Power: 4,8 MW


  • Size: Generator: 800x1200x2080 mm; Conveyor Belt & Chamber: 2300x1875x2400 mm
  • Weight: 600 + 1500 kg
  • Flow: 6 t/h (carrots)
  • Max Particle Size: 220 mm 3 x 16 A (Conveyor) 
  • Energy Consumption: 24 kW 
  • Power Standard: 3 x 32 A (PEF Generator) 3 x 16 A (Chamber)

The dryCEPT® JÖRD is a complete system of modular design, built in a stainless steel frame with product-wetted parts in a hygienic design all with food-grade components. All control and safety devices mounted on it including pressure and temperature sensors as well as flowmeter and conductivity indicators. dryCEPT® consists of a PEF generator and a conveyor belt with a built-in PEF chamber. It is installed and retrofitted into existing production lines right after the preprocessing (sorting, washing) and before steam washing, cutting, and drying.


Most frequent questions and answers

Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) treatment is non-thermal processing technology that involves the application of short, high-voltage pulses substance (biomass)typically a liquid or semi-solid material leading to the destabilization of the cell membrane and or enhanced permeabilization.

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PEF can be used to extend the shelf life of food products by reducing bacterial and enzymatic spoilage, as well as to improve the quality of certain foods by increasing the release of bioactive compounds or enhancing the texture of the product. It can also be used to increase extraction volumes.

OptiCepts patented PEF technology CEPT can be applied to a wide range of food products. The suitability of a commodity for PEF treatment depends on factors such as the type of product, the desired level of preservation, and the specific application. 

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Yes, PEF technology fulfills significant needs for sustainable food processing as requires fewer resources to produce quantities of existing foods.


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PEF treatment generates less heat than traditional pasteurization methods, so it is less energy-intensive and results in fewer emissions.

Technology like CEPT® based on pulsed electric field, is a way of not only improving the end product but also increasing production efficiency when it comes to juice products.

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