Boosting cuttings for exceptional survival and rooting

The OptiBoost vacuum impregnation (VI) technology improves the rooting and survival rate of cuttings. As well as decreases losses of eucalyptus and tropical clone cuttings. There are numerous benefits for the forest industry generated by the OptiBoost method. Including better rooting quality, a decrease in botrytis, acceleration of root formation, and an increase in the nurseries’ capacity.

Numerous benefits for the forest industry generated by the OptiBoost® for cuttings method

Optiboost technology is a symbiosis of two technologies. Vacuum impregnation and nanotechnology. We impregnate the cuttings with a functionalized nutrient solution based on the third generation of patented nanotechnology. 

In the propagation process of cuttings, there are many obstacles. OptiBoost can boost cuttings so they survive and perform better.

OptiBoost solves problems like stress, losses, botrytis, rooting, and other quality aspects.

OptiBoost enables optimization of the propagation process and manages peaks better through the increased cultivation capacity created in the nursery. Scalable to meet customer capacity and needs.

Example of treated vs. untreated cuttings. OptiBoost treated has significant better rooting.

Increased survival rate and decreased loss rate

Increases rooting rate

100 % Boosting accuracy

Better Quality

Improves rooting quality

Increased capacities of the nurseries

OptiBoost for cuttings VI

How does the OptiBoost work?

The extreme efficiency of the OptiBoost technology is due to two main factors:

The vacuum infusion applied in the treatment chambers is optimized to enable the perfect amount of nutrient solution to reach the cells of the treated cuttings. The stem and leaves are impregnated with the optimal amount of solution
The nutrient solution – OptiBona, is based on the latest generation of nanotechnology

The increased storage time might lead to more flexible, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly transportation. The logistics, both at the production farm and at the customer site (greenhouses in Europe), can be significantly improved.

The production peaks can be managed better since cuttings can be harvested in advance and stored. Nowadays, the harvest of plant cuttings is usually determined by customer demand. Thanks to OptiBoost method the planning can be more efficient, the harvest of plants can be organized based on the number of available personnel or per variety.

The waste can be minimized since the unsold varieties can be stored and sold with delay when the market demand increases. OptiBoost method also improves the quality of the cuttings.

The general appearance, turgidity, and structure after storage, as well as the development and rooting after planting are crucially enhanced.


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