For innovative winemakers

Produce more wine at better quality. The wineCEPT® deploys a treatment technology that can be advantageous in several parts of the wine-making process. The wines have a greater intensity of color and precursors of aromas due to the increased level of bio components extracted from the grapes

wineCEPT® - retrofitted technology for innovative wine-makers.

wineCEPT® is a technology developed with innovative, pioneering wine-makers in mind. The treatment targets cell membranes in biomass, rupturing the containing layer and thus releasing the intracellular content.

Yield increase
8 %
Color intensity
0 %
Total phenolic index
0 %

Yield Increase

Increased grape juice yield from the CEPT® treated grape fruit cells. Added release of nutrients allow faster vinification at lower process temperature.

Improved Quality

The use of sulfites can be heavily reduced or eliminated. Increased release of intracellular phenolic compounds from the grape fruit cells enhances the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, high concentration of polyphenols is required to stabilize the colour of the wine.

Better Efficiency

Inactivating wild yeasts and lactic bacteria naturally present on the grape skin facilitates the growth of the dry wine yeast which also allows for shorter maceration times.

How does the wineCEPT® work?

Depending on where the treatment is applied the advantage can range from increasing phenolic substances in the wine to reduced maceration time for vinification.

For all grapes, increased extraction of wine is noted by up to 8%, slightly higher for white grapes than for red ones. In addition, most of the qualitative properties is heavily affected. After treatment with wineCEPT®, white wine contains significantly higher levels of polyphenols, phenolic acids, tannins, potassium, and substances that affect color, taste, and aroma.

Red wines show the same results and up to + 70% higher Anthocyanins. The improved quality has also been achieved in a more efficient process. Maceration could be reduced by half with improved results.

The treatment is based on pulsed electric fields (PEF), that open cell membranes with short but very powerful electrical pulses. The method is very energy efficient as it only consumes up to 9,2 kW electric energy upon flowrate and model used of power.

For innovative wine producers looking to create a unique wine

The wineCEPT® installation can be customized to fit the intended production site. Multiple models are available to match a range of production volumes. If you are looking to stand out from the competition with a unique wine with unique properties and at the same time streamline your wine production – wineCEPT® is your answer.


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