How APH uses OptiBoost® to boost sales, reduce waste and enhance the cut flower experience for consumers

A.P.H is the leading importer of flowers in Sweden. In their facilities in Malmö they have an OptiBoost system installed and offer supermarkets, wholesalers, and florists boosted flowers. We made a visit to talk to their CEO, Adam Muhr, to understand what impact OptiBoost makes for their customers, check out the video below!

APH was founded in 1899 and is today Sweden’s leading flower importer. They import cut flowers and greenery from the world’s most important production areas.

They offer their customers (supermarkets, wholesalers, and florists) OptiBoosted flowers as an add-on service. 

”The vase life is heavily increased. What we see in average it’s twice the time compared to normal vase life without OptiBoost. So it is only logical that you’ll see a reduction of waste.” says Mr. Adam Muhr , CEO of A.P.H.

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