About OptiCept Technologies

We provide the food and plant industry with high-tech solutions that contribute to a more sustainable world and enable climate-smart economic growth through patented technology within Pulsed Electric Field and Vacuum Infusion

About Us​

OptiCept Technologies develops products for the food and plant industries. High-tech solutions that contribute to a more sustainable world and enable climate-smart economic growth. OptiCept provides two technologies.

In FoodTech, we create streamlined extraction processes, increased extraction from the raw material, extended shelf-life, reduced waste, and improved quality (taste, aroma, color, nutritional content) of the final product.

In PlantTech, we extend the life span and improve the quality of cut flowers and improve the rooting of cuttings as well as quality.

We reduce waste, pollution, and emissions. The technologies’ positive effects provide both financial benefits for the customer, better products for the consumer, and less impact on our environment. 

Our Mission - Contributing to the transition towards a sustainable future

We enable economic growth in a climate-friendly way. We provide the food and plant industry with technology solutions that contribute to a more sustainable world.

Improved Extraction

OptiCept contribute to improved extraction of raw material within the food and flower industry. This includes increased efficiency and/or market expansion.

Reduced Waste

Our technology significantly extends shelf life of food, drinks and flowers, consequently reducing vast number of products that get thrown away

Reduced energy consumption

OptiCept’s technology reduces the process time in production, implying substantial energy savings

Healthier products

OptiCept’s technology increases the number of vitamins, polyphenols and other nutrients in the treated products

Durata di conservazione estesa

Longer consumer vase-life of cut flowers. Improved rooting for cuttings and extended shell life for food products.

Streamlining of extraction processes

More efficient extraction. Extended durability of the treated products allowing for more optimal transportation choice and route planning

Two Technologies With Great Impact

OptiCept’s technology is based on two platforms – CEPT (pulsed electric field) for food products and Vacuum infusion (VI) for plant products.

Vacuum Infusion

Vacuum infusion or VI is what we use when treating cut flowers and cuttings. VI). It is a technique with which external liquids can be introduced into porous structures such as plant tissue. The porous material is immersed in the liquid and subjected to a two-phase pressure change.

In the first phase, the pressure is decreased, leading to the expansion of the gas in the pores of the material and partial flow of the gas out of the pores until mechanical equilibrium is established.

In the second phase, atmospheric pressure is restored causing the compression of the residual gas in the pores and the inflow of the liquid into the pores. The liquid phase infused into the material may have different properties, and VI can be thus used to change the composition of plant tissues.

In the case of our OptiBoost™ technology, the plant material is impregnated with liquid that is carefully designed to enrich the cut flower and support its optimal performance. The active ingredients are infused directly into the tissue of different organs: leaves, stems, and from there, they are easily accessible by the plant and utilized in the metabolic processes.

Pulsed Electric Field

PEF treatment uses high-voltage pulses on liquids or semi-solids. Short electrical pulses aim to inactivate microbes without having any negative effect on the valuable food attributes. PEF treatments are applied in the form of short pulses to avoid excessive heating or undesirable electrolytic reactions. The basic principle of the PEF technology is the application of short pulses of high electrical fields with a duration of micro- to milliseconds.

The practical use of electricity to process food is over one hundred years old. Food products, such as food oils, juices, dairy products, and more – are capable of transferring electricity because of the presence of ions, giving the product in question a certain degree of electrical conductivity. So, when an electrical field is applied, electrical current flows into the commodity and is transferred to each point in the liquid because of the charged molecules present.

PEF technology shows major advantages compared to traditional thermal processing methods. It reduces changes in the valuable properties of foods.

Our patented CEPT® technology can be described as a new and innovative type of PEF. It is a new and easier way to create, control, and apply pulses more efficiently. It holds several advantages compared to traditional pulsed electric field technology.


OptiCept Technologies is a publicly listed company with its share traded on Nasdaq First Growth Market.

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History - how can we improve biological processes?

OptiCept Technologies was founded in 2011 then under the name OptiFreeze. Researchers at Lund University (LU) Innovation and Arc Aroma Pure AB, were fascinated by the fact that some grass types were able to survive the winter while some don’t make. Why is that?

After years of research and development, the two technology platforms were shaped.

Innovation and development are the foundation of OptiCept as a company. New products and applications are constantly being explored. OptiCepts Research & Development are based in Lund and develop existing products and look at new exciting areas. The company’s technologies have proven to be applicable in a wide variety of fields. Research and development is a strength which both provides the company with opportunities for expansion and eliminates the risk of adverse developments in specific industries, price trends, geographies, political decisions, etc. OptiCept’s technology is modular, which means that you can go from development to market at high speed.


OptiFreeze is founded by Lund University Innovation and Arc Aroma Pure AB.


OptiCept mainly focuses on two application areas: OptiFreeze and OptiFresh. The Company applies for, and is granted, a second patent for applications in the food industry (“Apparatus and method for extending shelf life of a food product compressing water and soft tissue”)


OptiCept launches its third application area, OptiDry. The Company also applies for a new patent ("Method involving PEF treatment and drying”)


OptiCept finds a new application area, OptiFlower, which becomes the Company's main focus area


OptiCept starts a project with Syngenta Flowers and in sells the first OptiBoost system


OptiFreeze signs an agreement with one of Europe's largest companies in the drying of vegetables and herbs.


The Company lists on Nasdaq First North Growth Market, launches OptiBoost and enters partnership with Dagab through APH


OptiFreeze AB merges with Arc Arome Pure AB to form OptiCept Technologies. The Company also enters partnerships with Syngenta and AFRY


Breakthrough for OptiCept in cuttings with first installations in South America

Breakthrough for OptiBoost – commercial agreement with Dagab and installations in South America

Multiple installations of next-generation oliveCEPT “BALDER” in Iberica.

Our culture

Our forward-thinking spirit is rooted in our culture. We aim to change the food and flower industry and contribute to making the world more sustainable. Our culture guides us on this quest. We are a growing international team with close to 40 employees from almost 20 different countries. Our different backgrounds and experiences enrich our company and are a strong driving force for our mission. We are breaking new ground every day.


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