Improved rooting and increased yield of Corymbia cuttings with OptiBoost

Il OptiCept team ora sta continuously developing il OptiBoost technology for cuttings to include more e more tree species. After the first trials with Corymbia – we are thrilled to share some quite amazing results for these species as well.  Optiboost showed excellent results both in terms of increased rooting and yield. 

You are undoubtedly aware of the challenges associated with successful cutting propagation. This is where OptiBoost comes into play…

OptiBoost is a vacuum impregnation technology designed to transform the way you approach cutting propagation. By infusing cuttings with precisely tailored nutrients, OptiBoost ensures that every single cutting is given the optimal conditions to thrive and prosper. OptiBoost enables a higher success rate, allowing you to get more out of your efforts.

Improved rooting and increased yield of Corymbia cuttings

The Optiboost  vacuum infusion treatment showed excellent results across the 32 different Corymbia clones included in the screening trials, with an average improvement surpassing the control by reaching up to 27.8% more rooted cuttings, and a remarkable 392% increase in yield compared to the control for some clones.

The patented OptiBoost technology is based on vacuum impregnation. Cuttings are placed in a vacuum chamber and impregnated with a nutrient liquid. Pressure parameters and a nano-based nutrient solution interact to give the cuttings the best possible conditions to create roots and thus grow into a fully developed tree.

Implementing technology on living material

The challenge when working with living material such as trees is that many factors are at play, each clone has different pre-conditions and different physiology, thus different tolerance and sensitivity to the external factors. However, when using the correct parameters the OptiBoost technology consistently delivers positive results across numerous clones of species such as Corymbia,  Eucalyptus, Acacia.

Corymbia cuttings

Benefits for the forestry industry

The technology helps growers and forestry companies optimize efficiency and get even more value from their efforts. OptiBoost is an innovative solution that balances economic viability with environmental responsibility. With better efficiency, we can decrease time and energy consumption, improving sustainability.

There are numerous benefits for the forest industry generated by the OptiBoost method. Including better rooting quality, acceleration of root formation, and an increase in the nurseries’ capacity.

Great results with Eucalyptus and Acacia cuttings

The OptiBoost VI technology has already shown great results when it comes to enhanced rooting of Eucalyptus cuttings, leading to commercial breakthroughs in South America, with leading forestry companies in both Brazil e Chile, adopting the technology.

More recently, trials were conducted for Acacia, also showing excellent results. Several Acacia species were included in the trials, the increased rooting rates varied between 12-33%, but all boosted cuttings showed improvements compared to the control. 

Eucalyptus Cuttings

About Corymbia

Corymbia is a very valuable species in different industries, but also known as difficult to root, This can be changed due to Optiboost technology, which might lead to a broader use of Corymbia clones worldwide.  

Corymbia trees, also known as bloodwoods or spotted gums, are a genus of eucalyptus native to Australia. They are renowned for their striking appearance, with smooth, colorful bark and vibrant foliage. ​Corymbia trees are valued for their timber, which is used in construction and furniture making, as well as for their ability to adapt to various climates and soil types. ​ 

Additionally, they play a crucial ecological role, providing habitat for wildlife and contributing to biodiversity conservation.​ 

Apart from their significance as a source of timber and essential oils, Corymbia trees exhibit a high ability to withstand native diseases, contributing to their resilience in diverse environments. Because of this, many growers want to include Corymbia in their nurseries if they can. 

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