Boosting sales and reducing waste of cut flowers with A.P.H Svenska AB

OptiBoost is a technology for the flower industry. A.P.H Svenska AB is a Swedish distributor of cut flowers. Founded in 1899 they have a long history of serving Swedish retailers and florists with fresh flowers. In 2019 OptiCept installed OptiBoost for cut flowers in their facilities in Malmö, Sweden.
After some months of trials, amazing results were achieved by their customers thanks to the OptiBoost treatment. We had a chat with Adam Muhr, Vice President of A.P.H. to share his thought on the technology.

OptiBoost - Revolutionizing technology for the flower industry

The patented OptiBoost platform for the treatment of flowers e cuttings is based on VI (vacuum infusion) technology.

With this method, we can treat cut flowers and unrooted cuttings for prolonged vase life, increased survival rate of cuttings, and better quality.

We use vacuum infusion to impregnate cut flowers or cuttings with a nutrient solution. But not just any nutrient solution – we have developed a functionalized nutrient solution based on the third generation of nanotechnology. Vacuum enables the solution to impregnate as efficiently as possible, the solution itself is optimized to deliver the highest possible amount of nutrients.

In the case of our OptiBoost™ technology, the plant material is impregnated with liquid carefully designed to enrich the cut flower or cutting to support its optimal performance.

It is with this technology platform we teamed up with APH and installed it at their facilities in Malmö.

About A.P.H. Svenska AB - Sweden’s leading flower importer

A.P.H Svenska AB is a Swedish distributor of cut flowers. Founded in 1899 they have a long history of serving Swedish retailers and florists with fresh flowers. A.P.H is a company with an extensive history. Today they are Sweden’s leading flower importer. They mainly import roses, around 70% roses and 30% other flowers. The roses are primarily imported from Africa, Kenya, and Ethiopia but also to some extent from South America. The imported flowers are then sold to wholesalers and retailers in Sweden but also some other European countries.

“We decided to partner up with OptiCept quite early. After seeing the results of tests done on various roses, because we are very focused on quality, especially due to our role as an importer and wholesaler.”

Adam Muhr, Vice President, A.P.H. Svenska AB

Facts - A.P.H Svenska AB

Headquarter in Malmö, Sweden

70% of sales are roses and 30% other flowers such as Carnations, Tulips, Alstromeria and more.

Founded in 1899, today Sweden’s leading importer.

Reducing waste for one of Sweden’s largest retail chains

Dagab, a part of the Axfood Group is one of A.P.Hs largest customers. Discussions were initiated on how to gain benefits using the OptiBoost technology to reduce waste.

During a 16-week trial throughout 100 supermarkets in Sweden, great results were achieved with OptiBoost-treated roses. The final results show an increase of 36% in sales and waste was reduced by 50%.

(Read more about this case here)

“We were very positively surprised by the test results. Not only the reduction of waste but the increase in sales. This showed us that consumers were much more willing to buy the optiboosted product than we expected, without the customer knowing it was treated.”, says Adam.

After these results, Dagab decided to boost all their roses with OptiBoost with the ambition to start treating all their cut flowers. This has also attracted more customers wanting to try out the technology.

“This is all very positive for us of course, this means we can be even more confident in quality for the end consumer, and of course for a sustainability point of view we’re happy to reduce waste”, says, Adam.

Focus on waste

The flower industry has a lot to gain by focusing on reducing waste, not only for sustainability purposes but also for profits. Instead of negotiating prices and volumes in an industry that already has low margins, sales can be increased by improving quality and waste can be reduced.

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