oliveCEPT® - in the heart of Provence

The French family-owned olive oil producer Domaine Oliversion with its operations in beautiful Cucuron, Provence, France is installing an oliveCEPT® model IDUN.

Domaine Oliversion is a family-owned producer of high-quality extra virgin oil since 1885.

On their website, owner’s Frederic and Katia writes about their passion for olives:

“The birth and realization of this project is the result of a passion for olive growing transmitted by my ancestors. With my wife Katia, we created the mill in 2003 and planted ten hectares of olive trees a few years earlier to create the farm.

It was first and foremost my grandfather Aimé DUMAS who introduced me to the profession of olive grower.

Since my childhood I had a deep admiration for the olive tree, my grandfather whom I loved deeply, also respected this thousand-year-old tree. The juice of its fruits “olive oil” has always been valuable to us and is part of our daily diet.

This ancestral knowledge has been passed on in my family since 1885. At that time, my grandfather Cyr Dumas’ father owned 1 hectare, one of the largest olive groves in Cucuron, Luberon. He sold and consumed the olive oil he produced. It was hard work.”

Have a look at this video to learn more av Domaine Oliversion:

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oliveCEPT® IDUN - Designed for small-scale quality EVOO producers

The ‘mini’ oliveCEPT® unit is tailored for the small-scale, quality olive oil producer. Enabling all the benefits of industrial technology for small capacity mills.

As a small-scale quality focused olive oil producer, you only have one direction to go – Produce top quality EVOO that is highly valued on the market.

Quality of  your olive fruit is the main parameter,  but not the only.  Early mature olives, special or rare mono cultivar selection mild thermal treatment during malaxation, reduced oxidation and, short in time are the processing parameters that will enhance the organoleptic quality of the final product.

On the other hand, such technological procedures will sacrifice portion of the oil remaining in the husk.

Well, this does not have to be the case anymore.

“The phenolic content in the CEPT treated cold-pressed “oliveCEPT® has proven to be a ‘game changer’ for the olive industry, more and more people are now choosing our technology which provides significantly increased extraction and also improved quality. We are very happy about Domaine Oliversion as a new customer, ” says Johan Möllerström, CEO of OptiCept Technologies”

The oliveCEPT® is also available for both mid-sized olive oil producers (THOR), as well as larg-scale – ODIN is the most powerful oliveCEPT® unit for large producers of olive oil with a capacity of up to 6 T/H.


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