Increase sales and reduce waste of cut flowers

15% higher sales et 25% reduction of wastage with OptiBoost treated roses!
One of Sweden’s most prominent grocery stores, ICA Toppen Höllviken has been selling roses treated with OptiBoost since April 2021, now we are happy to report the great results.

ICA Toppen in Höllviken, located in the most southern part of Sweden, is one of Sweden’s most prominent grocery stores and supermarkets.

They are always at the forefront of fresh products and have a strong focus on customer satisfaction. In fact, in 2020, it was named store of the year by the independent Swedish organization “Fri Köpenskap”

Naturally, they want to offer their customers an even better product. So in mid-April 2021, they decided to try OptiBoost treated cut roses.

OptiBoost - technology that boost cut flowers

Optiboost is a technology and machine used to improve the freshness of flowers. The treatment is based on vacuum infusion. After the process, they are boosted with energy and natural ingredients which makes them stay fresh longer in the vase.

The results?

  • A minimum of 50% increase of vase-life
  • Meilleur taux d'ouverture
  • Feuilles vertes plus fraîches

These effects lead to a chain of positive impacts for the entire supply chain in the flower industry. From transportation, and energy consumption to wastage – OptiBoost makes a significant positive impact, in the end – a more sustainable flower industry.

If you’re new to our technology it might be a bit overwhelming to start with looking at the huge global flower industry, so let’s have a closer look at the case of the retailer in ICA Toppen in Höllviken, Sweden to start with. What difference does it make for the individual retailer and consumer? 


Reducing waste and increasing sales of cut flowers with OptiBoost

The cut flowers sold at ICA Toppen is treated at the wholesaler APH in Malmö. Before arriving at the store they are treated with the OptiBoost technology and machinery.

The flowers are placed in containers for about 45 seconds. Exposed to vacuum infusion and impregnated with a potion of energy-boosting ingredients (only containing 100% natural ingredients). 

Now they are ready to be transported to the store. But in fact, the technology is quite flexible, the treatment can be done before or after stem cutting, before or after transportation, at the grower, after transportation upon arrival, at the wholesaler, or after dry storage. The basic system can manage up to 40 000 roses/h.

The OptiBoost system FREJA - as placed at wholesaler APH in Malmö, Sweden.

So, what impact did we achieve at the retailer ICA Toppen?

  • 15% increase in sales
  • 25% lower wastage
  • 50% increased gross profit


A better product clearly attracted the consumers and resulted in an increase in sales of 15%. 

As the OptiBoost treatment increased the vase-life of the cut flowers less wastage was produced, in this case, reduced by 25%.

The improved quality of the flowers meant that the customers were willing to pay a higher price as well, this resulted in a gross profit increase by 50% compared to the same period of 2020. Owner of ICA Toppen, Jenz Bertilzon commented on the results as well:

“Of course, we’re happy with a better financial outcome, but the most important thing for us is to offer our customers a better product with longer durability. That we can also reduce wastage and thereby contribute to less strain on our planet is a bonus.”

Technology that revolutionize the flower industry

We are very happy with the results at ICA Toppen in Höllviken. Prioritizing sustainability doesn’t have to be a cost, rather it is a great selling point that leads to higher customer satisfaction. Not only that, but with OptiBoost you cut costs in terms of waste… then we haven’t even mentioned the impact on transportation and energy savings yet. But we’ll get to that as well soon.

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Partenariat OptiBoost avec One Flora Group

OptiBoost a conclu un partenariat avec One Flora Group aux Pays-Bas. En 2023, des tests commerciaux vont être réalisés avec OptiBoost pour le traitement des fleurs coupées pour les clients finaux de l'entreprise. De plus, OptiBoost ouvrira un centre de test avec une salle de vie en vase adjacente aux installations de One Flora Group à Aalsmeer.

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