Conseil d'administration et direction


Le conseil est l'organe administratif le plus élevé de la société, nommé lors de l'assemblée générale annuelle. Le travail du conseil d'OptiCept est régi par les lois et recommandations applicables, ainsi que par le règlement intérieur du conseil, qui est établi chaque année. Le règlement intérieur contient, entre autres, des règles relatives à la répartition du travail entre le conseil et le PDG, aux rapports financiers et aux questions d'audit.

Les instructions pour le CEO régissent les domaines habituels tels que ses engagements envers la société et le conseil d'administration, y compris la responsabilité et les tâches concernant la remise continue au conseil d'administration de rapports appropriés qui sont pertinents pour l'accomplissement de la tâche d'évaluation du conseil d'administration concernant la société. Le CEO s'assure que la planification continue, y compris les plans d'affaires et les budgets, est préparée et soumise au conseil d'administration pour les décisions de ce dernier.

Ulf Hagman - OptiCept Technologies

Ulf Hagman

Président du conseil d'administration

Ulf Hagman has an education in both agricultural and business economics. He has more than 30 years of experience holding various positions within the flower, fruit, and vegetable industries. From 2002-2006 Ulf worked as director of finance at Euroflorist, which is Europe’s largest distributor of flowers. From 2016 till today he has worked as a management consultant as well as on multiple board assignments. 

Michael Kester, OptiCept Technologies

Michael Kester

Membre du conseil d'administration

Michael Kester recently retired from Syngenta Flowers. Michael had a long career within Syngenta where he started in 1979 at ICI Holland BV. He started his career in plant protection before developing towards marketing and sales. Michael Kester has been stationed at various geographical locations for Syngenta and has been active in multiple management positions to grow the business. His most recent position was as the global director of “flower seeds” and was a part of the group management. He has a B.SC. in horticulture and an MBA from NIMA. He is independent concerning the company management and any major owners.

Elisabeth Yllfors, OptiCept Technologies

Elisabeth Yllfors

Membre du conseil d'administration

Elisabeth Yllfors has been a member of the board at OptiFreeze since 2017. Yllfors manages a consultancy firm specializing in business development and management. Yllfors has board experience in the food industry and was previously Nordic Marketing Director and CEO at Findus. She also held management positions at Unilever and within Nestlé.

Petr Dejmek, OptiCept Technologies

Petr Dejmek

Membre du conseil d'administration

Petr Dejmek has been a board member for OptiFreeze since 2015. Dr. Dejmek is a professor emeritus at Lunds University, he’s an engineer and doctor of technology. He studied mechanical engineering in former Czechoslovakia, process engineering in Germany, and food technology in Sweden. Dr. Dejmek is the founding innovator and originator of the patented technology that was the foundation of OptiFreeze. Dr.Dejmek has experience in product development at Alfa Laval in Sweden and Denmark and has been a professor at Lunds University since 1989. He has published over 100 scientific reports. 

Anders Hättmark, OptiCept Technologies

Anders Hättmark

Membre du conseil d'administration

Anders Hättmark, born in 1961, has many years of experience in the management of the majority of companies, including OptiFreeze and ArcAroma. He also has an extensive experience in business development and improving the profitability and competitiveness of companies. He is also a major shareholder and board member of Veg of Lund. Anders Hättmark is independent in relation to the company and to larger shareholders. Anders Hättmark currently owns 170,365 shares in OptiCept Technologies.


Thomas Lundqvist, OptiCept Technologies

Thomas Lundqvist


Born in 1969, started working at OptiCept in April of 2022 and assumed his post as CEO in May of 2022. Thomas Lundqvist holds a master of Science in industrial engineering and management from the University of Linköping. He also holds an Executive MBA from EFL, Lund University. He has more than 20 years of experience in leading key positions in the field of technology for the food industry. Positions he has been holding are, among others, Director Group up Technical Service at Ecolean AB, Operations Director and Aftermarket Director at JBT AB, as well as different positions at FMC Technologies and Frigoscandia Equipment. Thomas has a proven track record when it comes to international growth and has during his career helped many companies to achieve increased sales and profitability. Thomas Lundqvist is independent in relation to the company and to larger shareholders. Thomas Lundqvist owns a total of 15 768 shares in the company and 52 658 warrants. 

Henrik Heringslack, OptiCept Technologies

Henrik Heringslack


Henrik Heringslack, born in 1976, trained as a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has over the years immersed himself in education in Management, Leadership, and Organizational Development. Henrik has 20 years of international management and leadership experience in R & D, Operations, and Project organizations, he has focused on organizational development and its deliveries in accordance with the business goals of companies for companies such as Sony Ericsson, Axis Communications, and Vestas. Over the years, Henrik has applied his leadership in innovative and expansive organizations with a focus on making new technologies commercially viable and being responsible for project installations in several countries with business and P&L responsibility.

Mats Narfeldt, CFO, OptiCept Technologies

Mats Narfeldt


Mats Narfeldt, born in 1970, holds an International degree in Economics from Lund University and business studies at the University of Passau in Germany. He has experience in positions as controller and CFO in Swedish and foreign companies, both within groups and Mercedes-Benz as well as in smaller entrepreneurial companies. Mats have been CFO of ArcAroma and OptiFreeze since 2020 and since the merger of OptiCept in 2021.

Fredrik Cedmert COO OptiCept Technologies

Fredrik Cedmert


Fredrik Cedmert, born in 1967, is trained in technology and economics. Fredrik has held leading positions in the electronics industry, where he worked with building organizations and supply chains, with leading positions including in Sourcing, IT, and Supply Chain. With extensive experience to go from concept to finished product in fast-growing organizations such as. Flextronics and Jabra, where Fredrik worked and lived in e.g. USA and Asia.

Adeel Khan

Chief technical Service & Support

Adeel Khan, born in 1989, is an electrical technologist holding a Masters’s degree in Electrical Engineering along with several other certifications including lean approach, TPM as well as Six Sigma, and also tools for process improvement with almost 14 years of experience 

Adeel worked within FMCG including Nestle, in collaboration with Tetra Pak, and lately for Ecolean as Manager of Global Technical support and services.  

Part of a team of specialists working to optimize sustainable packaging at Ecolean. Coordinated support and service of technical & field services support to European, American, and Asian service regions covering 30 countries.  

Adeel has a documented successful background in working with service agreements, and several different projects including cost reduction, installations, customer satisfaction, collaboration with R&D, achieving high performance from equipment, and increasing efficiency focusing on MTBF & MTTR. 

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