OptiCept aims to develop state-of-the-art PEF technology for solid food processing through a new ground breaking partnership

OptiCept Technologies has established a strategic alliance with the prominent Canadian firm, FPS Food Process Solutions Corp. This partnership is geared towards collaborative efforts in the research, production, and commercialization of Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) applications in the realm of solid food processing.


PEF (Pulsed Electric Field) in solid food processing

FPS Food Process Solutions is a global leader in turnkey equipment for freezing, cooling, frying, and food handling. Founded in 2010, FPS is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. In addition, the company has international sales offices on six continents and manufacturing on several continents.

According to FPS CEO Jeffrey Chang, they see a rising demand for PEF particularly in the processing of potatoes and in general for various solid food products.

“We believe that this partnership will help meet the growing needs in potato processing equipment but also in the food industry in general. We will be able to offer our customers the tools they need to deliver high-quality products and maintain competitiveness in a rapidly changing industry. Our goal is to combine the leading PEF technology with the market-leading food handling solutions available. I lookforward with great excitement to starting our collaboration and introducing innovative PEF systems to the market”. Says, Jeffrey Chang, CEO, FPS.

PEF for potato processing
PEF has several advantages when it comes to processing different potato products

Joint responsibilities within the partnership

Both partners have committed to actively engage in the promotion and advancement of OptiCept’s PEF system designed for solid food applications. The overarching objective of this alliance is to deliver an exceptional solution to global food producers, enhancing process efficiency and cost management across the spectrum of solid food types.

The main application areas for the joint PEF solution are processed potato products, dried vegetables, fruit, herbs, and frozen foods. Markets that are estimated to be jointly valued at 279 billion Euros annually.

OptiCept’s PEF application for solid foods (The S-series) will be further developed together with FPS. In the collaboration, OptiCept will deliver CEPT generators and FPS will deliver the system that handles and processes the products up to the PEF treatment. 

“The agreement with FPS is a strategic breakthrough into the solid food market. It opens up this large established market cost-effectively for OptiCept, which is completely in line with our suit and strategy. We see that we can establish ourselves in the market significantly faster and to a greater extent through this deep collaboration”. Says, Thomas Lundqvist, CEO, OptiCept.

Thomas Lundqvist, OptiCept Technologies

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