Saca lo mejor de los productos secos

Significantly reduced drying time, enhanced flavor, and vivid color on the final dried product with dryCEPT®. 

dryCEPT® es una tecnología innovadora que puede aplicarse a frutas, verduras y hierbas, antes de los procesos de secado o deshidratación.

dryCEPT® creates pores on the plant cells allowing the water to be released. This results in significantly reduced drying time leading to enhanced flavor and vivid color on the final dried product.

1 %
Up to 25% reduced drying time
1 %
t/h can be treated with dryCEPT®

Improves Rehydrating Properties

Preserves Color Intensity

Retains Aroma Compounds

Intensifies Taste

Decreases Drying Time

Mejor eficiencia

¿Más detalles sobre dryCEPT®?

We are happy to provide a more detailed description of the benefits the dryCEPT® system will have on your drying process.

dryCEPT® - Innovative technology that can be applied to fruits, vegetables and herbs, before the drying or dehydrating processes.

Structure, smell, color, and taste are all benefits achieved after drying, as well as reduced drying time.


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