Optimizing the cut flower experience

Las flores cortadas que han sido tratadas con la tecnología OptiBoost™ obtienen varias ventajas. La más destacada es que la esperanza de vida de las flores aumenta gracias a la tecnología.

Boost Quality, increase sustainability and improve business

By combining vacuum infusion with a state-of.-the-art nutrient solution based on the latest nanotechnology – We help growers, wholesalers and, retailers create the optimal cut flower experience.

30 %
up to longer consumer vase life
1 %
increase of sales

Prolonged consumer vase-life

An average increase of 30-70% depending on variety, transport and handling conditions.

Calidad mejorada

We can control the opening rate of the flowers, with the right recipe we get a more even opening. The treatment affects the leaves as well, producing fresher greener leaves.

Mejor eficiencia

Less waste to manage and reduced impact on our planet and increasing sustainability.

How does the OptiBoost work?

The extreme efficiency of the OptiBoost technology is due to two main factors:

The vacuum infusion applied in the treatment chambers is optimized to enable the perfect amount of nutrient solution to reach the cells of the treated flowers. The stem and leaves are impregnated with the optimal amount of solution
The nutrient solution – OptiBona, is based on the latest generation of nanotechnology

La flor con calidad mejorada que se mantiene fresca durante días más 

Optiboost technology is a combination of Vacuum Infusion and Nano Technology. It is actually a perfect symbiosis of two technologies. Leading to great results for the entire flower industry. 

The basic systems consist of one main control unit and three treatment chambers. The flowers are placed inside a chamber, and as the process begins in one chamber the next one is loaded.

In the controlled environment, the optimized nutrition is boosted into the flower. Via OptiBoost vacuum we bring the nutrient solution into the intracellular space (of stem and leaves) – the plant is hydrated (15-20% more weight) and strengthened at the same time.

Same impact - different implementation locations

Our technology can be applied in different stages to suit the customer’s process. Treatment can be applied at the grower our at a wholesaler/distribution center.



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