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Understand the Why, What, and How’s of the oliveCEPT® technology and what impact it could have on your olive oil production.

Including a detailed description of results from greek olive oil producer One & Olive.

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Comprenda el por qué, el qué y el cómo de la tecnología oliveCEPT® y qué impacto podría tener en su producción de aceite de oliva.

Incluye una descripción detallada de los resultados del productor griego de aceite de oliva One & Olive.

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Comprendi il perché, cosa e come la tecnologia oliveCEPT® e quale impatto potrebbe avere sulla tua produzione di olio d’oliva.

Inclusa una descrizione dettagliata dei risultati del produttore greco di olio d’oliva One & Olive.

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Comprenez le pourquoi, le quoi et le comment de la technologie oliveCEPT® et quel impact cela pourrait avoir sur votre production d’huile d’olive.

Y compris une description détaillée des résultats du producteur grec d’huile d’olive One & Olive.

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25•25 –  A new and revolutionizing quality standard of EVOO

Quality vs Quantity is not a dilemma anymore.

Efficiency, maximum performance and superior olive oil quality are improvements secured by oliveCEPT®.

With the 25•25 concept, we guarantee a processing temperature at no more than 25 degrees and a malaxation time of 25 minutes…

No negative effect on yield, no additives, low energy input.

Upgrade your production line with the cutting-edge technology of oliveCEPT®!

oliveCEPT® is retrofitted right before malaxation - plug and play!

One & Olive - achieving 25•25 standard with oliveCEPT®

In 2020, One & Olive installed an oliveCEPT® – Twin system based on the ODIN model to treat a capacity of above 10.000 kg/h of olives in the production mill of Manessi.

Watch the video below:

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