What is a super juice?

The trend of sustainable and healthy food and beverages is here to stay. Juice producers are facing the challenge of producing high-quality products and at the same time also achieving a satisfying profit margin. Consumers of today are more conscious than ever before and demand the lowest level of waste possible. That’s why we believe in super juices!

Super Juice - improve juice production with juiceCEPT®

An estimated 1/3 of all produced food in the world is wasted. Also, logistics and economics are a challenge when it comes to juice production in general and cold-pressed, high-quality juices especially. 

Global distribution often means challenges when it comes to shelf-life. Extending shelf-life often means pasteurization – giving the juice a longer life span but also destroying much of its rich content. The antioxidants and vitamins are degraded during processing and pasteurization.

Treating juice with juiceCEPT® shows outstanding results. That’s why we call them super juices.

The technology is beneficial for the juice-producing business and contributes to a sustainable and attractive future for consumers around the globe.  

We call them super juices! - Juices treated with juiceCEPT®

 juiceCEPT® enables juice producers to erase the dilemma of compromising quality over shelf-life.

Super juices have an increased shelf-life and microorganisms like yeast, molds, and bacteria are reduced and inactivated.

Super juices are healthy, they are manufactured in a sustainable way, they have a minimal impact on our earth and they have a delicious taste, color, and aroma. 

A future without plastic

It is a fact that plastic has a negative impact on the environment and the economy in comparison with other alternatives. Today’s society and political climate are phasing out the use of plastic. We see rules around Europe that exist to promote plastic reductions and give us a better environment.

Consumers’ awareness of who is progressive in their environmental thinking and who does their part to minimize their footprint is palpable.

juiceCEPT® offers the opportunity to invest in a sustainable technology ready for the packaging of the future without plastic. The treatment can be applied for plastics, carbon or glass.

“The technology has proven very effective for the treatment of juices. Treatment of juice with CEPT® technology keeps the temperature below 40°C, achieves food safety, and keeps the natural fresh.”

The technology of juiceCEPT®

CEPT® is a patented technology developed by the Swedish company OptiCept Technologies®. CEPT® stands for Closed Environment Pulsed Electric Field Treatment.

It is a method developed to process biomass such as food and other products. CEPT® is a sustainable and eco-friendly method since it reduces organic waste, extends shelf-life, and enhances and preserves the quality of the product in question.

Extraction or Extension? Or both?

The juiceCEPT® can be applied for two main purposes. The application named juiceCEPT+® is designed for extending shelf-life (21 days) with nutrient values intact. juiceCEPTx® is designed for increasing the yield extraction and improving quality.

The two methods can also be combined by installing two separate units and treating the juice in two steps during processing.

The technology has proven very effective for the treatment of juices.

Treatment of juice with CEPT® technology keeps the temperature below 40°C, achieves food safety, and keeps the natural fresh.

The main benefit of applying the technology of juiceCEPT+® is, firstly – an increase in shelf-life by up to 21 days using minimal heat impact that does not damage color, taste, and nutritional values.

Second, maintained quality in taste, color, and nutritional values of bottled juices. 

The technology of juiceCEPTx® improves extraction by micro-scale destruction of cell membranes of the mashed raw material like fruits, berries, and vegetables.

juiceCEPTx® boosts the cellular release of minerals, vitamins, color compounds, and other micronutrients enhancing quality substantially. 

Pulsed electric field technology is widely established and tested in the food industry over the years.

Although the CEPT® technology is based on PEF, much also differs. One big difference is the patented chamber. The treatment chamber enables a unique ability to control the pulses, securing a steady and continuous treatment.

CEPT® controls the pulses in terms of time and length, aspects that affect the characteristics of the treated juice.

The result is a juice of supreme quality, and numerous benefits in the production process and logistics. The basic principle of the technology is the application of short square wave pulses of high voltage that generate very high electric fields.

Due to the short pulses of microsecond magnitude, excessive heating and undesirable electrolytic reactions are minimized.

As mentioned, the treatment is continuous and therefore very easy to retrofit into existing juice production. The technology is very energy efficient with minimal heat impact where quality is not compromised. 

Start producing super juice with juiceCEPT®

We’ve put together an extensive guide comparing other technologies common in the juice industry to clearly show the benefits of juiceCEPT®. Download the guide below, and you’re always welcome to book an introductory meeting with us! 


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