This is OptiCept Technologies

It’s official! OptiFreeze and ArcAroma are now OptiCept Technologies. Our mission is clear: to deliver game-changing technologies for a sustainable world and innovative solutions for Food & Plant Industries to improve quality, performance & reduce waste.

Exciting times ahead of us!

OptiCept Technologies provides the food and plant industry with technological solutions that contribute to a more sustainable world and enable climate-smart economic growth. OptiCept optimizes biological processes – Increased extraction from raw material, extended shelf life, reduced waste, and improved quality (taste, aroma, color, nutritional content) of the final product.  

The positive effects of technology increase efficiency for our customers, better products for the consumers, and minimal impact on our environment.

Through patented technology in PEF (pulsed electric field) and VI (Vacuum Infusion), the technology opens up new business opportunities for the food and plant industry worldwide. OptiCept’s vision is to contribute to a sustainable world by offering efficient green cutting-edge technology that is easy to use in the areas of FoodTech and PlantTech. 

More Insights

Juice of the week - Beetroot

Juice of the week - Beetroot

Why does beetroot juice treated with juiceCEPT® have a much clearer red color than other beetroot juices?


ArcAroma ready to explore the “Super Juice” market in China

ArcAroma is pleased to announce that we have signed a strategic partnership agreement with ZhongWu on the joint development of the “Super Juice” market in China. Target to sell at least 40 CEPT® systems, in the coming 3 years.