The first oliveCEPT® Balder to be installed in Andalusia, Spain

For us at Opticept, its not just about the volume but also the quality. Our technology gives the olive oil several positive effects that improve the end product

44% of the world’s olive oil production

Spain is the world’s largest producer of olive oil, producing about 44% of all world production. Culture, climate, and generations of expertise are just some of the leading reasons for this success.

For us at Opticept, it’s not just about the volume but also the quality. Our technology gives the olive oil several positive effects that improve the end product. We are therefore proud that we and our customers share these values and that we work continually and tirelessly towards progress.

oliveCEPT® – more olive oil at better quality isn’t just something that we say, it is something that we do. Everyday.

How does it work

The oliveCEPT® deploys a pre-treatment to olive paste in extra virgin olive oil production (EVOO) that improves both the quality of the product and increases extracted EVOO yield.

The integration of oliveCEPT® in the initial stage of the process, right after the crusher, offers several advantages when it comes to extraction yield and quality of the final product and we have proven reliable results in these aspects.

The first oliveCEPT® Balder is installed in Andalusia, Spain

OptiCept Technologies entered into a combined evaluation agreement and sales agreement with the Spanish olive oil producer Agropecuaria de Herrera SCA. The agreement pertains to the newly developed oliveCEPT® Balder machine with a capacity of 10 tonnes / h.

During the 2021 – 2022 olive oil season, Herrera evaluated oliveCEPT® in a small olive oil extraction line and now chooses to proceed with an installation in its mainline. The goal is to increase the line’s capacity but also create an improved extraction efficiency with improved quality.

Balder is the new CEPT machine that we just finished and we are happy to see an instant demand for our technology on a larger scale.

Agropecuaria de Herrera SCA is part of the award-winning cooperative Oleoestepa, which is one of Spain’s largest cooperatives in olive oil with more than 6,500 farmers connected and 60,000 hectares of olive groves. Agropecuaria de Herrera SCA is one of 19 affiliated olive oil producers in the cooperative.


“We see the agreement with Herrera as an important step in our launch of a newly developed major oliveCEPT® for the Iberian Peninsula. Andalusia and Spain are the world’s largest olive oil markets and now we have a product that gives customers another dimension in efficiency and capacity. The relationship that has been built with Oleoestepa will likely lead to many future deals within the cooperative and even more in the Spanish market, ”says CEO, Johan Möllerström.

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