Technological breakthrough in world market for health drinks – cold-pressed green tea

ArcAroma’s juiceCEPT® application, which was developed for the treatment of fruit and vegetable juices, has now been evaluated as an improving part of the production of cold-pressed green tea. Tests in ArcAroma’s own lab show that the cold brewing time can be reduced from 24 hours to 30 minutes by using CEPT® – with retained antioxidant qualities.

– We are proud that we can demonstrate so many positive effects by using our treatment on cold-pressed green tea – it is a success for juiceCEPT®.

Our evaluation shows that we can significantly reduce the cold brewing time while maintaining the natural taste and all the positive qualities from the antioxidants. 

The market for cold-pressed green tea has great potential and our new application area has already been received with great interest, not least in China, says Johan Möllerström, CEO of ArcAroma.

Tea is the drink most consumed in the world after water – over two billion cups of tea are consumed every day. In China, which is the world’s largest market for green tea, approximately 300,000 tonnes of green tea are consumed per year.

ArcAroma’s CEPT® technology has been shown to have several positive effects on the cold brewing process for green tea. Green tea differs from other types of tea in that it is not fermented or heated, which means that the tea leaves’ vitamins, antioxidants, and positive qualities are preserved. ArcAroma’s evaluation shows:

• Extraction of polyphenols > 500 mg / liter

• Enhanced extraction of Vitamin C

• Less bitter tannins are extracted

• The tea’s natural taste, aromas and sweetness are maintained

• Cold brewing time is reduced from 24 hours to 30 minutes

• The treatment adds a minimal temperature increase of no more than 6° Celsius

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