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Ulf Hagman, CEO of OptiFreeze talks about the Merger with ArcAroma and the upcoming name change to OptiCept Technologies in the Swedish podcast framtidsbolagen

In the latest podcast episode of Framtidsbolagen, host Hampus Rebjö meets Ulf Hagman, CEO of OptiFreeze! They talk about the Merger with ArcAroma and the upcoming name change to OptiCept Technologies.

Optifreeze’s vision is to offer the agricultural industry with solutions based on innovative technology and methods with a strong impact. They enhance the color, texture, smell, taste and how long the products last in the store.

Ulf Hagman had this to say about the episode and gives an update on where OptiFreeze is today:

“I thought it felt very good to be part of Framtidsbolagen, Hampus was very well read and it was an interesting interview and dialogue.

Right now OptiFreeze is in a very exciting phase with the merger with ArcAroma and the change of name to OptiCept Technologies, but also many exciting projects such as the expansion of olive plants around Europe. We have also just strengthened our collaboration with Dagab. This change will be implemented in hundreds of Axfood stores and we will regularly monitor the results “



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