Benefits of treating juice with CEPT®

Pulsed electric fields for juice treatment – Let’s do the math…

Not much beats a fresh and healthy juice drink. Loads of vitamins and a refreshing feeling – a healthy and nutritional drink.

But it’s not always the most sustainable alternative if you have any consideration for our environment.

Fresh juice often gets spoiled as it has such a short shelf-life. A lot of wasted fruits and juice has to be thrown away.

On the other hand – a pasteurized juice (which extends the shelf-life extensively) has almost all of its nutritional content destroyed, it might taste OK but there are no health benefits to talk about.

So how do we approach this dilemma, well, let’s do the math…

The benefits of treating juice with CEPT® (PEF) technology

CEPT® ( a patented pulsed electric field treatment) is a technology that can be used in the juice industry. Designed for increased durability with minimal heat impact.

We have more than doubled the shelf life of freshly newly squeezed quality juices while maintaining freshness and fruitiness.

Different treatments are done depending on the juice’s pH and conductivity.

Responsible consumption and production. Increased shelf-life – A long shelf-life means a lot. less waste and smarter transports. 

Good Health and Well-being. Juice treated with pulsed electric fields increase the nutritional values of the juice. More vitamins and polyphenols are released and kept intact.

Inhibiting bacteria – the regular way of killing bacteria in juices is by heat – but as we know, heat also kills the healthy vitamins. But with PEF we ensure the juice is safe and tasty without any additional heat.

So what does the math tell us?

It is a pretty simple equation:

Pulsed Electric Field Treatment = Less waste + Longer shelf-life + Increased nutritional values + Even more freshness

A natural choice for any producer who just like us, wants to see a more sustainable world with less waste and high quality products for people to enjoy…



juiceCEPT® - How it works

In this video, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the feature and functions of juiceCEPT®. Have a look – we think you might be surprised by how easily it’s installed, how little space it demands, and the fact that you do not need to choose to use glass, carton, or plastic – it works perfectly with all.


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