OptiCept Technologies Partners with Simply No Waste: A Strategic Move Towards Sustainability in Food Tech

OptiCept Technologies has entered into a partnership agreement with the Malmö-based Foodtech company Simply No Waste AB. Through the partnership, OptiCept will take a position in the extraction of residual products and side streams in the food industry. 


OptiCept Technologies has announced a partnership with Simply No Waste AB, a cutting-edge food company focused on ingredients that create value from side streams from food production. The company is based in Malmö. As part of this agreement, OptiCept will acquire a non-controlling shareholding in Simply No Waste and will provide a Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) system to enhance their production processes.

Driving Sustainability in the Food Industry

This partnership marks a strategic move for OptiCept into the extraction of residual products and side streams in the food industry. An area experiencing rapid growth due to increasing economic and sustainability pressures. By implementing OptiCept’s advanced PEF technology, Simply No Waste aims to optimize the extraction of valuable ingredients from food production by-products.

Innovative Collaboration to Combat Food Waste

Simply No Waste is renowned for its innovative approach to transforming food production side streams into valuable ingredients. Their flagship product, “KADO” utilizes avocado seeds, a common waste product, to create nutritious and delicious beverages. OptiCept’s PEF technology plays a crucial role in this process, enhancing the extraction and quality of the ingredients used

KADO - Simply No Waste
KADO - A fermented dream made by avocado seeds. Containing a well balanced mixture between bitterness and fruity flavours. Produced in Skåne.

CEO Insights on the Partnership

Thomas Lundqvist, CEO of OptiCept Technologies, highlights the significance of this collaboration:

“We see a clear upward trend in the food industry regarding refining residual products. Residual products are a valuable raw material for new products that the industry is currently developing. To realize these products, our technology is needed, and with this partnership, we become leaders in this transformation together with Simply No Waste.”

Thomas Lundqvist, OptiCept Technologies
Thomas Lundqvist, CEO, OptiCept Technologies

Arash Sabet, CEO of Simply No Waste, shares his enthusiasm:


“We are extremely pleased with our future collaboration with OptiCept Technologies to promote a sustainable, circular, and greener food supply chain. OptiCept’s expertise in PEF perfectly aligns with our mission to reduce food waste and utilize side streams in the food industry to reduce the carbon footprint. This partnership will accelerate several of Simply No Waste’s projects and change the perspective of how we view side streams as waste.”

Arash Sabet, CEO, Simply No Waste
Arash Sabet, CEO, Simply No Waste

Expanding Horizons and Future Prospects

Beyond financial investment, the agreement grants OptiCept access to Simply No Waste’s production facility, fostering an environment for testing and developing new applications. This collaboration will accelerate various projects at Simply No Waste and contribute significantly to the evolution of a more circular, sustainable, and nutritious food system.

About Simply No Waste

Simply No Waste employs a “Systematic Circularity Model” to transform food industry by-products into high-value ingredients. By focusing on upcycling, they create nutritious products that help combat food waste and promote a sustainable food supply chain. Their innovative approach includes the creation of drinks using avocado pits and other fresh ingredients, without added sugars, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable future.


The partnership between OptiCept Technologies and Simply No Waste is a forward-thinking step towards a more sustainable and efficient food industry. By leveraging advanced PEF technology and innovative approaches to food waste, both companies are poised to make significant strides in creating a greener and more circular food system.

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