oliveCEPT® heading for Corsica

We’re happy to deliver oliveCEPT® to Moulin Oltremonti – a top quality olive oil producer based in Linguizzetta, Corsica, France.

Moulin Oltremonti produces an extra virgin olive oil under the label ”AOP Oil of Corsica” (Appellation Origin Protected). The certificate is a guarantee that the olive oil produced is of high quality and comes only from Corsica. 

The island, known as Ile de la Beauté has large areas of olive trees. Some more than 2000 years old.

Its produced in the traditional way of the ”Extra Virgin” (HOVE) from olives harvested in early autumn in order to extract all its finesse and fruitiness.

The beautiful Moulin Oltremonti spreads over 35 hectares split into two parcels between sea and mountains on the east coast of Corsica.

When oliveCEPT® IDUN was presented to the owners, Emilie and Ivo Berta, the decision to acquire the new technology was almost immediate as the benefits and advantages offered fitted exactly the quality characteristics of their excellent product and their concept of pure production.

Their oils all come from the same variety of Corsican olive, called the “Ghjermana”. But are picked at different times of the harvest season, giving extracted oil a taste panel from the sweetest to the most peppery: SWEET, FRESH, and INTENSIVE.

oliveCEPT Moulin Oltremonti

We are proud of our new collaboration with Moulin Oltremonti and that we can contribute to their development towards an even more efficient production of high quality extra virgine olive oil”, says Johan Möllerström, CEO of ArcAroma.


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