More oliveCEPT® machines to be installated in Spain

An oliveCEPT® system will soon be under evaluation at the Spanish olive oil producer Agropecuaria de Herrera SCA.

OptiCept delivers an oliveCEPT® system to a leading producer in Spain – 
Agropecuaria de Herrera SCA.  Two oliveCEPT® machines will be evaluated during the 2021 – 2022 olive oil season.

oliveCEPT® uses PEF (pulsed electric field) technology to boost olive oil production. The olive oil machine is used to increase yield, and improve quality by increasing the number of polyphenols and by optimizing the production process. The machine is installed (retrofitted) prior to the malaxing phase.

Agropecuaria de Herrera SCA is part of the award-winning cooperative Oleoestepa, which is one of Spain’s largest cooperatives in olive oil with more than 6,500 farmers connected and 60,000 hectares of olive groves.

Agropecuaria de Herrera SCA is 1 of 19 affiliated olive oil producers in the cooperative based in Seville, Andalusia. The installation will take place starting during the 2021 olive season and will continue during 2022.

“We see the agreement with Herrera as another step in strengthening our presence in one of our most important markets for oliveCEPT®. The first contact with the Oleoestepa cooperative was established 3 years ago,  back then we were not mature enough to deliver continuous results, but we have continued to cultivate sustainable relationships and our development has not gone unnoticed in Spain. Therefore, a company affiliated with the cooperative is now ready to develop its business with our technology”, says CEO, Johan Möllerström.


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