oliveCEPT® installation in Portugal

Cutting-edge technology meets a cutting-edge mill. oliveCEPT® is heading to SAOV in Portugal. 

SAOV is a producer with a focus on high-quality olive oil. They are based in the Ribatejo region of central Portugal with several high-tech extraction lines.

The high quality of their EVOO has not gone unnoticed, they received many awards for their olive oil around the world throughout the years. 

Nestled deep in the Ribatejo region of Portugal, SAOV’s was established in the 18th century. They combine modern agricultural technology with generational experience from the estate.

They are known in the olive oil industry as pioneers. When it comes to implementing new olive oil equipment and technology that contributes to improved performance in the manufacturing process and increased quality of the end product – they’re always in the forefront. Now, the time has come to install an oliveCEPT® and leverage PEF technology.

oliveCEPT Corsica

oliveCEPT® & Vacuum Technology- Olive oil equipment boosting quality

Recently SAOV implemented vacuum technology in its production line, CEPT® technology has been used in combination with vacuum technology previously for other types of food production, but never for the production of olive oil. The installation at SAOV will be the first reference in the world. 

oliveCEPT® will be installed in the malaxation phase of production with the aim of improving the production process and increasing the degree of extraction.

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We are very happy to welcome SAOV as a customer. It is a company that is used to being a pioneer in terms of new technology and that has a great influence on the entire industry. We also get the opportunity to be the first to combine our CEPT technology with vacuum technology in olive oil production, an exciting development that we look forward to evaluating the results from ”. Says Johan Möllerström, CEO of OptiCept Technologies AB.


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