OptiCept signs agreement with one of the world's largest olive oil producers

OptiCept Technologies has entered into an agreement with Aceites del Sur in Spain regarding the installation of the next generation oliveCEPT®  called BALDER. 

Aceites del Sur is one of the world’s largest olive oil producers and among Spain’s leading companies in olive oil, praised for both its quality and innovation.

This oliveCEPT® machine of model BALDER is the second one to be placed in Spain. The first being placed at Agropecuaria de Herrera SCA.

BALDER is the new and improved version with even higher capacity and updated features launched earlier this year.

The company’s main operations revolve around the production, refining, bottling, and export of olive oil. But they are also active in olives, spices, vinegar, and other foods. Aceites del Sur owns several well-known brands such as La Espaṅola, Coosur, and Al Amir.

BALDER - the. next generation oliveCEPT

“We are very pleased with this agreement; it confirms that the development of BALDER opens up new market segments for us. Aceites Del Sur is well known in the food industry and we hope that good results in this installation will open up more business with the customer in the future,” says Thomas Lundqvist, CEO of OptiCept Technologies.

BALDER 10 ton/h capacity of EVOO at the best quality with olivCEPT®

Il oliveCEPT effettua un pretrattamento sulla pasta di olive per l´estrazione di olio extra vergine di oliva per migliorare la qualita´ ed aumentare la resa in olio estratto.

The integration of oliveCEPT® in the initial stage of the process, right after the crusher, offers several advantages when it comes to extraction yield and quality of the final product and we have proven reliable results in these aspects.

The recently launched BALDER is the most powerful machine yet with a capacity to treat 10 t/h.

A complete system of modular design, built with a stainless steel frame with product wetted parts in hygienic design all with food-grade components. The system consists of the new powerful PEF generator – CEPT v7 supervised by controlCEPT and the booster unit module with all control and safety devices mounted on it including pressure and temperature sensors as well as flowmeter and conductivity indicators.

Aumento della resa di EVOO

The oliveCEPT® offers increased extraction of 5% to 15% yield with the same amount of raw material. Secured extraction volume and improved oil yield.

Qualità migliorata

Aumento di polifenoli e altri composti di qualità. Gusto, colore e nutrizione migliorati. Ossidazione ridotta e migliore stabilità dell'olio.

Migliore efficienza

Reduced operational cost and improved productivity. Reduced malaxation volume – less malaxers. Increased production volume during the same time.

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About Acesur

Acesur has been active for more than 150 years producing, packaging and marketing of olive oil, since 1840. Acesur as a leading group wihin the national olive oil sector in Spain, as well as one of the world’s largest olive oil producers. Also exporting its different products to more than 90 countries around the world.

Founded in 1840 under the name “Aceites y Jabones Luca de Tena”, acesur has workforce with more than 600 people in our 8 industrial plants, identified with an ambitious project and many worldwide consolidated brands.

Acesur has seen a constant growth during the last decade. Acesurs head office is in Dos Hermanas, Seville. They also have other facilities in Madrid, Toledo, Cuenca and Jaen. Acesur covers all processes and markets within the oil sector.

Acesur produces, refines, packs, markets and exports olive oil and other vegetable oils, as well as olives, vinegars, dressings and sauces. Also, thanks to its renewable energy division ENERSUR is present in the three businesses namely cogeneration, biomass and biodiesel.

Acesur has a very high volume of exports, as well as several facilities and a factory in strategic international markets, such as the U.S.A. (New York), Shangai (China), Aleppo (Syria) or Prague (Czech Republic).

In all of these markets, Acesur produces and sells more than 20 different brands, which are united by the common denominator of quality and guarantee of these products. Many of these products have emerged in response to the new opportunities of the sector and to adapt to the demands of increasingly dynamic and competitive markets.

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