Optiboost for cuttings - Vacuum Infusion process

The video below shows how the OptiBoost application for cuttings uses vacuum infusion to increase survival rate and better rooting of eucalyptus cuttings.

OptiBoost® for cuttings - Vacuum infusion process for cuttings

The OptiBoost application for cuttings is designed to be scalable to fit customer needs and production flow.

The cuttings are treated with high precision in seconds. The liquid is carefully developed to promote better rooting and increase the survival rate of unrooted cuttings. The video below illustrates how the vacuum impregnation technology works on Eucalyptus cuttings

About OptiBoost® for cuttings

The OptiBoost technology uses vacuum impregnation (VI) to prolong the lifetime of plant cuttings before planting. There are numerous benefits for the forest and horticulture industry generated by the OptiBoost method including better rooting and stronger branching.

In the first phase, the pressure is decreased, leading to the expansion of the gas in the pores of the material and partial flow of the gas out of the pores until mechanical equilibrium is established. 

In the second phase, atmospheric pressure is restored causing the compression of the residual gas in the pores and the inflow of the liquid into the pores

The liquid phase infused into the material may have different properties, and VI can be thus used to change the composition of plant tissues. 

The nutrient solution – OptiBona, is based on the latest generation of nanotechnology.

The tissue is immersed in the liquid and subjected to a two-phase pressure change.

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