Optimizing the cut flower experience

During a 16 week trial throughout 100 supermarkets in Sweden, great results were achieved with OptiBoost treated roses. The final results show an increase of 36% of sales and waste was reduced by 50%.

Boosting sales and reducing waste - all at once

A couple of weeks ago we could share the first results from the commercial evaluation alongside Dagab in 100 supermarket stores in Sweden, and the wholesaler APH.

After 10 out of a total of 16 weeks of selling we could report an increase of sales by 20% compared to the same period in the previous year. In the comparable stores, the sales have been unchanged. We also see a significant reduction in waste as a result of more durable roses.

Now the final results are in…and it’s even better!

Since mid-July Dagab has been selling OptiBoost treated roses in 100 stores across Sweden. The evaluation has been formed as blind tests, meaning that neither the store nor the consumer knows which stores are selling OptiBoost-roses and which stores are selling untreated. The purpose was to genuinely understand the impact in terms of sales and wastage.

These results further confirm that the technology works well and leads to interesting benefits for supermarkets. The consumers didn’t know that the vase life would be better as well, but visually – they do notice that the flowers look better in the shops, as the colors are more intense and the flowers open more evenly.

Example of OptiBoost treated roses. On the left: Untreated Red Furiosa. On the right: OptiBoost treated Red Furiosa

36 % increase in sales and waste reduced by 50%.

The commercial evaluation of OptiBoost treatment of roses with the supermarket chain is now completed. After 16 weeks it confirms 36% higher sales and reduced wastage by half in the 100 stores included in the evaluation.

The end result shows that sales have been strong in all stores, but the stores that have sold OptiBoost roses have increased their sales by 36% more than the comparative stores. We also see a significant reduction in wastage due to the roses lasting longer, in total, the waste could be cut by half.

Technology that revolutionize the flower industry

Prioritizing sustainability doesn’t have to be a cost, rather it is a great selling point that leads to higher customer satisfaction. With OptiBoost our goal is to make the flower industry more sustainable, from transportation to waste and energy savings.

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