PEF (pulsed electric field) shows significant improvements in olive oil extraction

During the 2022-2023 season, OptiCept Technologies has worked with the Spanish research institute IFAPA to analyze the effect of the CEPT technology. The results confirm the good effects of the treatment on olive oil extraction, which is now attracting a lot of attention in the Iberian Peninsula.

A scientific study demonstrating both improved efficiency and increased extraction of olive oil assisted by the PEF technology CEPT,  attracted several leading olive oil producers to a seminar organized by OptiCept and the Spanish research institute IFAPA as the results were presented. 

Increased yield, better efficiency and quality

Two main varieties of olives have been tested during these trials; Arbequina and Picual, with good results for both varieties. Both improved process efficiency and significantly increased extraction could be demonstrated for both olive varieties. For Picual, the extraction rate increased by 7.57%, and for Arbequina by 4.55%. In addition, quality improvements were demonstrated in the form of increased nutritional content.

To illustrate the great value generated by the oliveCEPT® technology:  a customer with an oliveCEPT® BALDER installed with a capacity of up to 10 tonnes per hour extracts between 11 and 17 tonnes more extra virgin olive oil per day during 24-hour production.

“It was a great event! We had an enthusiastic audience at the meeting, with interesting questions and discussions. There is certainly a huge interest”, said, Carlos Fuentes, of the OptiCept Iberica team.

The research work was conducted to create a more solid scientific basis and understanding of the technology. 
IFAPA was founded as early as 1902 and has since carried out studies in olive cultivation and the production process for olive oil with the aim of contributing to the modernization and improvement of the industry’s competitiveness.

Scientific Research on PEF treatment in the olive oil extraction process

While several studies have been carried out in the past to confirm the effects of pulsed electric field treatment for olive oil production.

For example: In 2020, researchers at the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Science at the University of Perugia, Italy, carried out a study with the aim “to evaluate the ability of pulsed electric field (PEF) technology to improve the extractability and enhance the oil quality in an industrial olive oil extraction process”.

However, this study specifically shows the results of the oliveCEPT® application, a device tailored for applying PEF in olive oil production.

About oliveCEPT® in short

oliveCEPT® is a machine and technology that integrates into the traditional olive oil processing line to increase EVOO extraction and quality.

The pre-treatment of olive paste is based on PEF (pulsed electric fields). OptiCept has refined and developed the technology to extreme efficiency. The patented CEPT® platform is a high voltage generator combined with treatment chambers. 

The basic principle of the technology is the application of short square wave pulses of high voltage that generate very high electric fields. Due to the short pulses of microsecond magnitude, excessive heating and undesirable electrolytic reactions are minimized.

The integration of oliveCEPT® is made in the initial stage of the process, right after the crusher, before malaxation, and has a very small footprint. 

The system consists of a PEF generator and a treatment chamber. The connection to the oliveCEPT® is done via stainless steel, food-grade fittings. 

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