PEF for food processing - Suitable food products for PEF (pulsed electric field) treatment

OptiCepts patented PEF (Pulsed Electric Field) technology CEPT can be applied to a wide range of food products. Below we list some of them.

PEF (Pulsed Electric Field) in food production

Pulsed electric Field (PEF) is a non-thermal treatment. OptiCept has developed a patented method based on this, called CEPT®. Making it easier to create, control, and apply pulses more efficiently (Switched power and component development).

Through different settings, CEPT® can easily change e-field, pulse width, frequency (PPV), and strength after the requested treatment.

CEPT® machines can be run bipolar and monopolar. (Cleaning and wear of the electrodes can be handled more easily.)

The flow can automatically be adjusted, which means it consistently achieves an effective treatment and always needs the same energy (KJ/kg) for the substrate, independent of the conductivity.

This enables us to provide a PEF system that can be applied to a wide range of commodities.

PEF for liquid, semi-solid, or solid raw materials?

OptiCepts PEF technology can be applied to pumpable liquid, semi-solid and solid biomasses. 

The suitability of a commodity for PEF treatment depends on factors such as the type of product, the desired level of preservation, and the specific application. OptiCept has developed applications applicable to liquids such as olive oil, juices, et wine. But also for semi-solid and solid biomasses. This application is called The S-Series. The application consists of a PEF generator and conveyor belt with a built-in PEF chamber. Commodities such as carrots, tomatoeset potatoes are all suitable for treatment.

On the S-platform, we have developed a product called OptiCept SD7. By treating dried food products with OptiCept we enable a more efficient drying process.

Learn more about OptiCEPT  for dried products->

Today OptiCept has in total 5 products developed:


However, research and development are continuously done on other commodities. Have a look at what we already developed and what’s in the pipe below!

PEF for olive oil

The application of CEPT (PEF) on olive oil not only releases more oil out of each olive, but it will also increase the amount of quality increasing compounds such as polyphenols, vitamins, and antioxidants found in the oil.

Today several OptiCEPT® units are deployed around the world. Olive oil producers wishing to increase yield, improve quality, and create a more efficient production have realized the many benefits of using CEPT®.

Learn more about PEF in olive oil production>

Pulsed Electric Field treatment can also be applied to other food oils, such as Avocado oil.

PEF for juices

Extraordinary results can be achieved using the CEPT (PEF) technology for the treatment of a wide range of fruit and vegetable juices. For example, in a study done by the Italian research institute CREA with OptiCepts PEF system, the shelf-life of fresh blood orange juice was extended by 15-20 days, while improving quality as well.

Another example is in pomegranate juice, we enhanced the total amount of polyphenols by 40 %.

Increased extraction yield can be achieved, as well as an extended shelf-life with nutrient values kept intact. PEF treatment can also retain the nutritional properties of the juice such as vitamin C et carotenoids

When applying PEF for extraction of cold brewed green tea, the soaking time could be reduced significantly and nutrients kept intact.

PEF for wine

PEF for Winemaking

A significant impact has been demonstrated using pulsed electric field treatment in wine production

Increased extraction of wine, as well as quality aspects, are improved. The wines have a greater intensity of color and precursors of aromas due to the increased level of bio components extracted from the grapes.

PEF for potatoes

PEF technology offers significant advantages in potato processing.

Including improved product quality, increased efficiency, extended shelf life, and sustainability. The effects include:

  • Better cutting quality
  • Higher cutting yields
  • Smoother surfaces
  • Less oil absorption
  • No feathering and less breakage

PEF for plant-based milk

Oat Milk Production Technology

Pulsed electric field treatment, like CEPT®,  can be applied to plant-based milk for increased product yield, and enhanced extraction of proteins, soluble fibers, and phenols. In oat milk, PEF has been shown to promote improved quality, foamability and reduce the need for added enzymes.

Our test results also show that OptiCept’s treatment increased the number of proteins and health-beneficial fibers in the form of beta-glucans.

PEF for beer

During the brewing process of beer, pulsed electric field treatment can be applied upstream to enhance fermentation through the release of more sugars, an increase of Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN), and other nutrients from the grains and extract the alpha-acids from the hops and downstream wherein fermentative yeast, as well as spoilage bacteria and yeast, can be neutralized without modifying the quality of the product and its original taste.

PEF for dairy

PEF  (pulsed electric fields) treatment has shown excellent promise as a method for improving the efficiency of dairy production

Furthermore, in the extraction of protein from whey, CEPT® can be used optimally to decrease the microbial load without denaturing the amino acids.

PEF for liquid eggs

The rather short shelf span and proteinous nature of eggs warrant the use of non-thermal treatment such as the pulsed electric field for the deactivation of microorganisms without negatively impacting the emulsifying properties, texture, and taste of the liquid eggs.

PEF in other areas

Fish feed

There is plenty of incentives to change and improve the source of fish feed. Both from a sustainability viewpoint as well as economical.

Cheap and readily available legumes are a very interesting alternative to potential (protein) sources for fish feed. OptiCept has carried out tests with CEPT to extract more proteins from legumes, which initially shows good results. The PEF treatment is applied before the food reaches the mix tank where the food is mixed for the right consistency and with other ingredients. The goal is to improve the availability and bioavailability of proteins to provide the essential amino acids and vitamins that fish need.

For that reason, the goal is to increase the absorption of the proteins per unit weight of legumes, create cost-effective utilization of the legumes as fish feed, reduce waste and reduce costs for the customer.

PEF in freezed products

Optifreeze is a patented technology that enables taste, shape, and structure to be ensured throughout the entire freezing and thawing process. Fruit and vegetables are treated with a combination of two technologies, PEF (CEPT) et VI. The treated products retain the fresh and organoleptic characteristics that characterize the corresponding fresh products.

PEF for fresh cut vegetables and fruits

With OptiFresh treatment, similar benefits as with OptiFreeze can be achieved – reduced wastage, extended shelf life, preserved texture, color, taste, and increased recovery. Fruit and vegetables are treated with a combination of two technologies, PEF (CEPT) and VI.

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