oliveCEPT® - Plus d'huile d'olive de meilleure qualité

oliveCEPT® is a machine and technology that integrates into the traditional olive oil processing line to increase EVOO extraction and quality. Efficiency, maximum performance, and superior olive oil quality are improvements secured by oliveCEPT®.

Increased EVOO yield, reduced extraction time, and increase of quality compounds with oliveCEPT®

Upgrading a traditional extraction line with oliveCEPT® is the major optimization step for improving production efficiency and olive oil quality. Oil yield volumes are secured and further optimized. The oliveCEPT® deploys a pre-treatment to olive paste in extra virgin olive oil production (EVOO) that improves both the quality of the product and increases extracted EVOO yield.

We want to make it easy for you to understand what positive impact the oliveCEPT® application could have on your EVOO production. Try our oliveCEPT® calculator now and get a result in no time. 


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