ArcAroma ready to explore the “Super Juice” market in China

ArcAroma partner up with ZhongWu, a market leader in China to explore the “Super Juice” market in China!

ArcAroma is pleased to announce that we have signed a strategic partnership agreement with ZhongWu on the joint development of the “Super Juice” market in China. Target to sell at least 40 CEPT® systems, in the coming 3 years.

ZhongWu is a Chinese company focused on the R&D and commercialization of sterilization technology and related processing equipment in various industries such as dairy, juice/beverages, food, drugs, etc.

ZhongWu is an affiliate company of ZhongYa Group, a Chinese publicly listed company and the largest bottling & packaging solution provider in the dairy, beverage, juice, food oil, household chemicals, and other liquid products in China.

ZhongWu & ZhongYa together provide turn-key solutions to over 300+ juice/beverage clients in China including major tier-1 brands such as NongFu Spring, Wahaha, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, COFCO, Danone, Yili, Cargill, Yihai Kerry, Arla, etc.

The partnership with ZhongWu targets the co-development of the significant potential of the Premium juice market in China. The first step is to jointly establish a “China Super Juice R&D Center”, which aims to validate various types of Premium juices based on ArcAroma’s juiceCEPT®plus system to obtain the local industry acceptance of the process and consumers qualifications. 

ZhongWu will buy a juiceCEPT®plus and target to sell at least 40 juiceCEPT®plus systems during the next three years.

A growing market for premium juice


There is significant growth potential in the Premium juice market in China. As per the statistics by Frost & Sullivan, in 2019 the total juice market is 144 billion RMB in China, the Premium juice market is around 7% share.

However, the Premium juice market grows at 13% per year in average while the traditional juice at only 0.4%. As a reference the Premium juice market share in Japan is now 30% and that indicates the level that China might reach.

We are glad to enter the partnership with ZhongWu for the Chinese Premium juice market,  ZhongYa & ZhongWu is the solution provider behind major juice/beverage brands in China. Their strong local team with significant resources and connections with major brands will be a perfect match for ArcAroma. The partnership will not only provide ArcAroma an efficient market entry to tier-1 juice brands in China, but also to other key markets such as food oil, dairy, health and household chemicals, etc.

Kevin Chen, Managing director of ArcAroma Shanghai.


The partnership with ArcAroma will be important for our clients to accelerate the market launch of Premium juice products. We have been requested to find new solutions for ESL(Extended shelf life) of Premium juices and we have identified the juiceCEPT®plus from ArcAroma as a perfect choice in various aspects. We look forward to jointly establish the “Super Juice” R&D center in China and scale up the Chinese Premium market together with ArcAroma. 

Tina Yang, CEO of ZhongWu

“It is with great satisfaction that a collaboration with ZhongWu is now in place. Wiser with Kevin Chen as leader has done a fantastic job to make this agreement. ZhongWu immediately shows that they believe in our concept by ordering initially one juiceCEPT®plus ODIN for immediate delivery. Now we have the best basis to establish juiceCEPT®plus & juiceCEPT® for ESL and improved extraction in the Chinese beverage market. ZhongWu with the parent company ZhongYa behind secure the conditions for accelerated growth. ZhongYa is in China said to be the equivalent to Tetra Pak. The goal is to sell around 100 juiceCEPT per year in China in 5 years. We will also establish the “Super Juice” concept in Asia with China as a platform”

Johan Möllerström, CEO of ArcAroma AB.

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