(Video) interview with Senior researcher and Ph.D Simona Fabroni

We’re excited to share some groundbreaking news from the Italian research organization CREA (Council for Agricultural Research and Economics). They’ve confirmed significant improvements in shelf life and quality for freshly pressed juice using OptiCept’s PEF technology. Thanks to this innovation, blood orange juice now enjoys an extended shelf life of 15-20 days, with enhanced nutritional values. Check out our interview with senior researcher and Ph.D., Simona Fabroni, for an in-depth look at these remarkable findings.


In recent years, a noticeable shift has taken place in the beverage industry as consumers become increasingly health-conscious and seek out products that support their wellness goals. Among these trends, the demand for high-quality, nutritious fresh juices has surged.

For this reason, the Italian research institute CREA conducted experiments with OptiCept’s PEF (Pulsed Electric Field) system to extend the shelf life of juices. These tests, carried out at their Research Center for Olive, Fruit, and Citrus Crops in Acireale, Sicily, Italy, used blood orange juice and found significant improvements in shelf life while maintaining nutritional values.

Have a look at the video below as their senior researcher and PH.d, Simona Fabroni, explains the trials and results!

Results for blood orange juice with PEF technology

Dr.Fabroni’s specific research field is in fresh fruit and processed products. Particularly in the implementation and validation of innovative non-thermal technologies, such as PEF.

Some results achieved for freshly squeezed blood orange juice using PEF are:

  • Extended shelf-life up to 15-20 days
  • 3-Log10 reduction for the mesophilic viable count, molds, and yeast
  • Significantly increased cloudiness of the juice
  • Reduction of pectin methylesterase (PME) activity
  • Increased antioxidant capacity

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Simona Fabroni, Senior Researcher, CREA

“PEF treatment has proven to be very effective in inactivating microorganisms, leading to longer shelf life. Additionally, it improves the nutritional and health properties of fresh blood orange juice. This demonstrates the great potential of OptiCept’s PEF technology to produce freshly pressed juices with better health quality and longer shelf life. OptiCept’s technology is particularly suitable for the industry as it can easily be integrated into existing processing lines”

Simona Fabroni, Senior Researcher & Ph.D, CREA

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