Patent for unique innovation in oat milk

ArcAroma and Cerealiq method development collaboration has resulted in an patent application

ArcAroma and Cerealiqs method development work commenced in 2020, has resulted in a joint patent application. It’s a unique innovation within the area of oat milk. 


Cerealiq company owners have a solid background within the Swedish oat milk industry. They have numerous patented innovations on their CV’s in the field of oat milk.


The new innovation developed is a result of exploring the next generation’s “Clean label”.


These “healthy oat milk beverages” have a significantly improved frothability – in other words, the ability to foam.


The ability to foam is of high importance. When cafés and coffee shops all over the world create coffee drinks and coffee blends this quality is sought after.



Oat milk – a market growing strongly


Unlike other plant-based milks, oat doesn’t have the same long history. Its creation is actually credited to a Swedish scientist, Rickard Öste, who then went on to form the successful Oatly company.


Oatly has been leading the way in recent years, showing a three-fold increase in worldwide sales.


During 2020, oat milk sales in the United States alone increased to $213 million. Making it the second most consumed plant-based milk after almond milk.


The market is in a state of strong growth – the reason why could be explained by consumer analysis.


This indicates that the dairy-like taste, health perception, and environmental sustainability, are the main reasons for its growing popularity.


The prognosis for the market is $995 million USD by 2027.


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Patent for oat milk innovation
Oat milk - a growing market

” As the plant-based foods are expanding tremendously it is of extra importance to work consciously and focused to develop products of high quality and at the same time develop methods of processing that not only enables excellence’s in the business but also benefits the end consumers.

Angie Triantafyllou, senior scientist at Cerealiq and member of Oatly’s founding group.

ArcAroma and Cerealiq have agreed that future patents will be owned and administered in a new co-owned Swedish company to enable the full potential of the patents. 


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