OptiCept lanzará pruebas de sostenibilidad independientes en el Reino Unido para flores cortadas en septiembre.

In September, OptiCept will launch independent sustainability testing in the UK in preparation for launch with MM Flowers.

In June 2020, OptiCept signed an evaluation agreement with MM Flowers. The corona situation has created delays, but the next step will be taken in September.

Treatments will be performed on site at MM Flowers in Huntingdon and these will be evaluated by the independent organization Apex in order to obtain an official report that can be used worldwide.

The tests will last for 12 weeks and the goal is that the results will, among other things, open the doors to the large English grocery market with players such as. Marks & Spencer and Tesco.

OptiCept will in early September install a OptiBoost Freja machine at MM Flowers in Huntingdon north of London and the tests will be done on MM Flowers roses from Kenya.

“It is very satisfying that we finally take the next step with MM Flowers. A  year later than planned, but we can not influence the Corona situation. We expect the report from Apex to speed up the launch. ”

says Ulf Hagman, Chairman of the Board of OptiCept Technologies.

Colum Donnelly, Technical Director of MM Flowers reiterated the potential for the trials:
“Prolonging life is a consistent goal in the cut flower sector and any technology that can help deliver that goal will always be well appreciated by the consumer”

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