Optimized potato processing

The OPTICEPT® (Controlled Environment Pulsed Electric Field Treatment), is a state-of-the-art PEF system specifically designed for the solid food processing industry and brings distinct advantages to the potato sector.

Next generation PEF-system for potato processing

The OPTICEPT® PEF system is a state-of-the-art application tailored specifically for potato processing. 

PEF technology improves quality and efficiency in the potato processing industry, in terms of products and processes. 

For example, PEF has shown significant advantages over conventional preheaters.

PEF treatment softens the potato tissue, minimizing breakage and feathering during cutting, resulting in more uniform fries and higher yields. The treatment minimizes oil absorption due to decreased feathering, a result of smoother cutting.

OptiCept PEF System for slod food processing


Energy Efficiency

PEF technology is energy efficient compared to traditional heating methods. It works at lower temperatures, uses less water, and requires less energy to operate.

Smoother Surface Area

PEF-treated potatoes have a smoother surface, less feathering during cutting, reduced breakage and less wasted product. This results in uniform fries and higher yield.

Smaller Footprint

The PEF generator is compact, significantly occupying less space as compared to conventional pre-heaters

Optimized efficiency with PEF Technology

This system is exceptionally energy-efficient, operating at lower temperatures, using less water, and requiring less energy. It is engineered to be the most stable and reliable PEF system available, featuring a smart generator setup that ensures optimal uptime and minimal maintenance. 

The OPTICEPT® system includes a PEF generator and a dual conveyor belt system with a built-in PEF chamber, ensuring seamless integration into food processing lines. 

OptiCept PEF system in potato processing line

Más información

Have a look at this short video below to get a better understanding of how the PEF system technology is implemented in an potato processing line

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