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The Superpower CEPT®

OptiCept Technologies has developed a technology that controls and applies electrical pulses to optimize various biological processes. The CEPT® platform is a high voltage generator combined with treatment chambers. The technology is primarily used within food production to increase extraction and extend sustainability. OptiCept uses short-term high voltage pulses (PEF) which shatter the cell membrane and kill unwanted microorganisms.

Within FoodTech, we focus on increased extraction rate and improved quality of olive oil and juice as well as the extended shelf life for cold-pressed fresh juices. The patented CEPT® technology is environmentally friendly and at the same time optimizes many types of processes and products.

Contributing to a Sustainable World - With CEPT®

Our vision is to contribute to a more sustainable world by offering efficient green cutting-edge technology that is easy to use within the FoodTech and PlantTech areas.

Sustainability and pure effectiveness, the art of producing even more out of less, are all businesses’ future. Environmental and economic sustainability is what drives OptiCepts technical innovation. Sustainability is no longer a “nice to have” – It is a “must-have”. However, sustainability is important not only from an ethical point of view. It is also a unique selling point and something that will increase profit margins. Cutting-edge technology for us means the most advanced and innovative technology combined with sustainability. 

Compared to traditional PEF, CEPT® has several advantages. With the CEPT® technology, we can help you to be even more efficient in almost all biological processes, both regarding increased production volume, better quality, and health effects in form of increased content of polyphenols and vitamins. 

CEPT® advantages

CEPT® can be described as a new and innovative type of PEF. It is a new and easier way to create, control, and apply pulses more efficiently (Switched power and component development).

Through different settings, CEPT® can easily change e-field, pulse width, frequency (PPV), and strength after the requested treatment. 

CEPT® machines can be run bipolar and monopolar. (Cleaning and wear of the electrodes can be handled more easily.)

The flow can automatically be adjusted, which means that it always achieves an effective treatment and always needs the same energy (KJ/kg) for the substrate, independent of the conductivity.

The CEPT® chamber has been developed and recently been adjusted both in shape, flow and materials.

Challenges of globalization

OptiCEPT Technologies understands the challenges of today’s market and is eager to contribute to a more efficient and sustainable world, both in terms of the environment and economy. Prolonging shelf-life is a necessary condition for companies in order to maintain their position in the market. The competitive world we live in today forces companies to produce more in the same time span. With the CEPT® technology, we can overcome that challenge. Extending the shelf life of different food products contributes to a more sustainable world since wastage is reduced significantly.

As globalization proceeds, humans came up with different ideas and tools in order to meet upcoming challenges. Back in the 1950s, the first studies on the PEF method were performed. However, it would take another couple of decades to fully understand all the underlying advantages that PEF has to offer. In the beginning, PEF was used mainly within the potato and juice industries. Researchers gradually understood that PEF can be used on basically every biological cell.

One of the major areas of application, where CEPT® can be a real asset, is cold-pressed juices. Download our Super Juice Guide to get an understanding of how CEPT® can contribute to more efficient juice production.

“The technology has proven very effective for the treatment of juices. Treatment of juice with CEPT® technology keeps the temperature below 40°C, achieves food safety, and keeps the natural product fresh.”

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