Game-changing technology

Creating a pure and efficient world through cutting edge foodtech and planttech solutions.

Economic growth, and Sustainability - hand in hand

OptiCept Technologies has developed a technology that controls and applies electrical pulses to optimize various biological processes.

The CEPT® platform is a high voltage generator combined with treatment chambers. The technology is primarily used within food production to increase extraction and extend sustainability.

We use short-term high voltage pulses (PEF) which shatters the cell membrane and kills unwanted microorganisms.

Within FoodTech, we focus on increased extraction rate and improved quality of olive oil and juice as well as the extended shelf life for cold-pressed fresh juices. The patented CEPT® technology is environmentally friendly and at the same time optimizes many types of processes and products.

Our vision is to contribute to a sustainable world. By offering efficient green cutting-edge technology that is easy to use within the FoodTech and PlantTech area.

Sustainability or pure effectiveness, the art of producing even more out of less, is the future of all business.

Environmental and economic sustainability drive OptiCepts technical innovation. Sustainability is no longer just a “nice to have”. It’s a “must-have”.

Not only out of an ethical point of view. It is also a unique selling point (USP), something that will increase profit margins.

Our mission is to develop “cutting-edge clean technology”, In the term “cutting-edge” we include the most advanced and innovative technology, but also sustainability.

"CEPT® can be more efficient in virtually all biological processes both regarding increased production volume, better quality, and health effect in form of increased content of polyphenols and vitamins." 

Striving towards a more sustainable world 

Contributing to a better environment is a central part of OptiCept. We offer optimized processes to our customers for increased production, extended durability, and improved quality. This results in increased profitability for the customer and a more sustainable world.

OptiCepts applications face future sustainability criteria based on the objective of contributing to a cleaner and more efficient world. 

Our technology can be efficient in virtually all biological processes both regarding increased production volume, better quality, and health effects in form of increased content of polyphenols and vitamins. 

We are increasing the shelf life of liquid foods, which leads to reduced food waste. Our technology can easily be installed in existing production processes as well as in new ones. The increased efficiency of the biological process gives higher volumes of the end product and less organic waste.

Sustainable products 

OptiCepts patented technology creates great customer value with an attractive investment calculation. The technical life of our products is estimated to be about 10 years. This exceeds the customer’s short ROI by far. The scalable technology platform makes service and support functions limited in regards to the stock of spare parts and wears parts.

We always think in terms of sustainability. In every step of our operations chain, from product development, manufacturing, and installation. As a relatively small company, sustainability must be built into our work from start.

The basic idea of our company is being aware of climate impact and the climate benefit of our scalable technology platform and the increased sustainability that our customers benefit from.

We design our products as modules. We can configure our systems for different applications by changing the modules. As product owners, we have a responsibility to ensure that our product meets various requirements such as CE, EHEDG, RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals, etc. To achieve the requirements we work with the Product Lifecycle Management System where we document all constructions.

"Sustainability is no longer just a “nice to have”. It’s a “must-have” not only out of an ethical point of view, but it is also a unique selling point (USP), something that will increase profit margins."

Insights - More about CEPT® technology

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Increased yield and improved quality at Olio Conti (Video)

At Olio Conti in Valla Della Luciana in Campania, Southeastern Italy, they’ve been producing olive oil since 1842(!). Emilio Conti, quality manager at Frantoio Conti talks about how the oliveCEPT® affects their olive oil production, making olive oil with higher yield and better quality.


10 % increased extraction of EVOO yield, 50 % reduced extraction time at Agioi Apostoloi (Video)

Have a look inside one of Greece’s most modern olive oil mills where we set up an oliveCEPT to help boost their production – with great results!